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5 Ways to Reduce Wedding Day Waste

Your wedding day is a huge day, no matter what kind of person you are. Maybe you prefer a modest type of ceremony, or maybe you’re looking to have the biggest bash in the history or weddings or ceremonies. No matter what your preference, the day you get married will be one of the most important days of your entire life, and it’ll be one that you undoubtedly remember for the very rest of it. Regardless of the size of your ceremony, however, it’s important to make sure that your wedding has as little of an impact on the environment as you can manage. Big parties like a wedding ceremony are events that tend to produce a lot of waste, so we’ll talk about some of the smartest ways that you can go about making sure you reduce your waste and host an environmentally-friendly wedding.

1. Keep It Nice and Small. Reduced guest lists mean a lot less waste, and this is one of the most simple ways that you can reach this objective. Try paring down the number of people you’re planning on inviting to the big occasion so that you can have that many less people there and making waste that’s going to have to get thrown away when the party is over. If you’re really concerned about the footprint your wedding is going to leave behind, then cutting some names off your guest list will really help you out.

2. Use Real Products. Avoid using plastics and disposable stuff that’ll just get thrown away when you’re all finished with your getting married party. Try busting out some glassware and/or real cutlery. If you’ve got a smaller gig, you can borrow from friends, or you can rent if the party is a larger one. Either way, opting to use things that aren’t disposable is going to seriously cut down on how much trash you produce.

3. Local Foods. The waste that your wedding party is responsible for doesn’t just stop when the ceremony is over. You actually cut out some of the more far-reaching implications of your wedding party by making sure you and your guests enjoy locally-grown foods. This saves on emissions from transport, packaging, and a bunch of other wasteful stuff that goes into moving your food from one place to the other.

4. Decorate Conservatively. Don’t go nuts in terms of decorating if you’re looking to have a more conservative wedding in terms of trash production. Make less elaborate centerpieces and keep the extra frills to a minimum so that you’re not simply throwing away a lot of pretty decor.

5. Invitations. Your invitations amount to a pretty good deal of paper waste, and it’s not entirely necessary that they be as fancy as your dressy brides maid dresses. Go for simpler invitations that use less paper and you’ll be able to seriously cut down on the waste your wedding generates.

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