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True or False: Solar Panel Myths

Here’s something that might not come as a surprise; there is no Loch Ness Monster. Through exhaustive research and study, the myth of this creature has been dispelled.

It’s amazing what we still choose to believe through hearsay and rumour, when grounded facts have often been around long enough to challenge them.

A perfect example is solar panels. Mention solar panels and people are quick to tell you a number of things they’ve ‘heard’ regarding their efficiency and use.

Let’s sort the wheat from the chaff shall we:

“Solar panels only work in the sun.”

– This is the number one contender for solar panel myths. And it’s 100% false. Although the optimal condition for maximum energy output is a bright sunny day, the truth is solar panels work regardless of sunlight being in direct contact. They even work in snow. Better even, due to the reflection of light.

“Solar panels need constant and expensive maintenance.”

– It’s really a case of love them and leave them. Once installed, solar panels require the bare minimum of maintenance. With no moving parts, there is less chance of them breaking down. Many suppliers will still give you a warranty for them, ensuring any breakages can be repaired at no cost to the homeowner.

“Solar panels are an alternative power solution for your home.”

– True, to an extent. Solar panels are not a replacement to your energy supply, but rather complement it. They do not provide enough electricity to be the sole provider. However, with the government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT), you can get paid to provide power that can be given back to the National Power Grid.

“It’s expensive to get solar panels installed.”

– From a certain point of view, this might be true. From an immediate standpoint, solar panels can cost a few thousand pounds to install. However, they are a shrewd investment long term, as any electricity generated is free for the home to use as it sees fit. Over a period of a few years, this initial cost can be recouped.

“Solar panels look ugly.”

– Some people will claim solar panels can ruin the look of a home, whilst others might find them aesthetically pleasing. Panel designers do try to make them resemble sky lights to fit in with the overall design of roofs, but the bottom line is that this is always going to be a purely subjective view.

If considering solar panels, it’s important to do the research first, because unlike the Loch Ness Monster, they do exist and can really help reduce your home energy costs.

Bio: Written on behalf of Myredland roof, providing expert advice on the price for a new roof with solar panelling.

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