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Guide To Buy Green Home Appliances

Most households today are now looking for ways to replace their old appliances with new ones that are more energy efficient. If you are thinking about buying green appliances, you have to consider its contents, the materials and the possible issues that may cause further damage. There may not be a home appliance that is perfectly green but there certainly are better options that are more environment friendly compared to others.

  • Kettles/Pots– the classic kettles are now a thing of the past and electronic kettles are taking the scene. The thing with electronic kettles is that it saves you a lot of boiling time. Some kettles even promise to give you boiling water in 60 seconds. Also, if you boil only the amount of water you need, you’ll be able to help save on energy of at least 90 seconds; and that can do so much in a global scale.
  • Washing machines– there now tons of washing machines in the market that offers to use less water without compromising its main purpose. You can even program some machines for shorter cycles to minimize the energy consumption and some can even remove dust, allergens etc. Make sure you check out appliances that have energy rating of A++ or higher to get the most from the machine. The price may be subject to its efficacy but considering the benefits that you’ll get for your electricity bill, you’ll be able to save more money in the long run.
  • Televisions– Televisions are usually the ones that consume most of the energy and the best thing to do if you are going green is stick to your old one. The high tech, high resolution ones that are now out in the market are claiming that you can save 40 percent of energy with their unit that has a sensor that turns it off automatically if it detects no motion.
  • Air-conditioners– people often have this notion that the more they see on the unit, the better it will perform. Air-condition placement has an effect on how it performs as well as the room size. Obviously, if the air-con is too big for the room, it will take consumer more energy. Also, don’t forget to clean the filters regularly. Dirty filters may block the air coming out of it and you’ll have the tendency to put it on full blast, which of course will eat up more unnecessary energy.


Before you go out to purchase appliances, take advantage of the free credit check that the credit companies offer every year to before you start using your credit non-stop. You’ll be able to see how your credit changes over time if you check them regularly or at least 3 times every year.

No matter how green your appliances may be, it won’t do its purpose if you don’t do your part. You have to be responsible when using it to avoid further damages or more consumption. Unplug your appliances when they are not in use or turn them off as soon as you’re done. These simple tips can give you a better result if you work hand in hand with your eco-friendly appliances.

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