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Ways to go green regarding heating and cooling

A decade ago, the concept of greening one’s home was a fairly esoteric notion, restricted to a small and committed band of what were then commonly referred to as ‘greenies’. The greenie tag has now faded into oblivion (though if you read the opinion pages of any News Ltd. publication, you’ll still see it being bandied around in a derisive manner by antiquated grumps) As the science on climate change continues to point to a planet in extremis, more and more companies such as WeatherWorld as well as people understand the pressing need to take steps to minimise their impact on the earth.

Our humble homes are the source of much planet polluting matter, and one of the first area’s you’ll want to assess when beginning the process of greening your home is the heating and cooling. Traditional central heaters are absolute monsters of energy consumption. Prize winning overeaters of gas and electricity. Weatherworld, Melbourne’s premier purveyors of ducted air conditioning, cooling, and heating, can upgrade your old dinosaur with an energy efficient ducted heating unit. These systems provide quiet, clean, and reliable heating.

Another important measure the Weatherworld experts can take care of is running a heating system check to ensure all your ducts are clean, airtight, and in good working order. If they’re not, you are as good as burning money, along with energy.

As for air conditioning- particularly relevant to Melbournians who have just sweated through their first properly scorching day of Summer- split system’s are a canny solution to keeping cool while minimising energy consumption. The latest split systems are based on inverter technology. A variable speed compressor is used to promote higher efficiency and greater levels of indoor comfort. Nobody wants to harm the environment through selfish consumerism- but, let’s face it, few people want to break a sweat while watching the news, either. Split systems allow you the best of both worlds. Greening your home’s heating and cooling systems need not come at the expense of comfort.

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