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Ford Fusion Named “Green Car of the Year” at LA Auto Show

The future is an amazing time, and it’s bringing amazing things to all of us. Technology has advanced to the point where it’s allowed us to do newer and more incredible things than we had ever imagined was possible, and what’s great is that we’re starting now to focus our technological prowess towards developing ways to help out the environment. Over the last couple of centuries, we’ve certainly become master of our domains, building the buildings, cars, and social structures that we need to live our lives in the 21st century. Some of that, however, has come at the expense of our environment, and thankfully enough, the world’s attention has been on this matter like never before. Where it was once the role of the individual to try and find new ways to do the same things, but in a more sustainable manner, this responsibility has been taken on by entities just a little bit bigger than the everyday you and me. That’s right, lots of corporations have stepped up their environmental game, and car companies are at the forefront of this effort. For what it’s worth, corporations the world over are making an effort at developing practices that are more environmentally sustainable and to reign in their environmental footprint. It’s a source of public goodwill and brand equity, but also a simple responsibility. The car industry, however, has taken the challenge on like nobody’s business, and the result have been some of the most advanced cars the world has ever seen.

While we waited for the electric car to really hit the mainstream, the hybrid seems to have snuck up on us in a big way. Now both are pretty widely found on the road, and more auto companies are making an effort at developing these types of cars so that drivers can get to where they need to go with a minimum of emissions and impact on the environment.

Every year, the LA Auto Show recognizes the best and most accomplished developments in the auto industry, and this year’s Green Car of the Year is exciting and very welcome news. Interestingly enough, it was the Ford Fusion, a mid sized sedan, that took the top honors this year, taking away the highest award recognizing a car for having a great environmental impact. The reason for this honor? Not necessarily because the engine is the best, or because it’s got the most luxurious features…but because it’s got the most options in terms of its powertrains. In fact, you’re looking at the fusion, you have three different kinds of powertrains to choose from — gas-powered, hybrid, and a version that you only plug in are available to consumers, and officials at the LA Auto Show say it was this diversity that won the car this year’s award. Hybrid and electric cars are a great choice, not only because they make it easier to find low priced car insurance, but they also help you really do your part to improve the environment around you. Hopefully the Ford Fusion will continue to influence new and more sustainable cars for years to come.

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