Be Friends with Your Skin

In the physical sense, your skin is what represents most of you. It covers your body, from head to toe and plays a very large part in how you appear. How your skin looks is also a meter for how healthy you are.

Now who doesn’t want healthy flawless glowing skin? Your skin is the prime example of outer beauty being related to inner beauty. If you body his happy and healthy you skin will be the same. Here are a few ways to get that beautiful glowing skin you’ve always wanted, and you may just end up with some extra bounce in your step on the way!

Eat better:
A healthy diet will do wonders for you skin and your body. Remember you are what you eat! Eat fresh food and plenty of fruits. Avoid fried foods as much as possible, limit their red meat intake, keep close tabs on your coffee intake and, limit alcohol. Greens are your best friends, and taking a daily multivitamin is also a big thumbs up!

Water Water Everywhere:
Religiously drink water, the more the better. Having eight glasses a day should be a hard wired rule. Beautiful skin is always hydrated. Keep a bottle in your purse at all times, and a huge one at your workstation. Sip away; trust me, the added bathroom breaks are worth it.

Jog, run walk, do yoga or Pilates, but get your muscles moving. Exercise makes your body feel years younger, so naturally makes your skin look years younger and healthier. Make it a routine to work out at least three times a day, and figure out your favorite mode of exercise.

SPF!! :
Harmful UV rays aren’t monsters in horror movies, they are very real, and every sensible skin-lover needs to use appropriate SPF to guard their skin against harm. Skin deterioration and diseases are not an idle threat. Recognize that sun block is essential and use it every time you step out of the house.

Be Squeaky…:
… Clean. Wash your face a minimum of twice a day every day. Use a face wash that does not dry your skin out and stick to it. Wash your hands properly after using them, as skin infection are easy to get, but a pain to have. Do not, ever fall asleep with makeup on. Its terrible for your skin to be exposed to something as intrusive as makeup all night long. Wash in the morning when you wake, and right before bed, as bare minimum.

Quit the nasty:
Do not tan, do not smoke, do not stress. Smoking deteriorates cells faster basically it narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow. This depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. Making you look older quicker. Tanned exposes you to more UV rays than strictly necessary, which is never a good thing. And stress seeps away your energy and motivation, makes you joyless, and aging you faster.

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Uroosa Rajani likes to contribute her life for social good. She is working with Natural Vitiligo Treatment for helping people to achieve Vitiligo Cure.

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