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organic clothingWhen we think of climate change and CO2 emissions we will instantly visualise cars, power stations and factories polluting, therefore it is only natural that when we look for ways to reduce our individual carbon footprint we immediately look to them for potential cut backs.

Although being proactive and reducing our dependency on vehicles and opting for more environmentally friendly transport is commendable, there are many other simpler changes we can make that will also benefit the environment.

One area that environmentally friendly changes can be made is within the clothes we all wear. Like food, more and more people are becoming concerned with where clothes come from and how they are made. Many retailers understand this growing concern and as a result offer the option of organic clothing, which is made from materials grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Such clothing offers the final customer complete transparency in regards to how the clothing is made and where its materials are sourced from.

Although the environmental effects of the textiles industry are not as commonly known as the detrimental effects of the motoring industry there are still visible effects around the world. China’s textile industry is just one example that has come under the Greenpeace spotlight in recent times. Greenpeace are reported to be pressurising China to end an era of pollution to the country’s water sources caused by the poor disposal of fabric dyes that include heavy metals such as mercury.

Xintang, China also known as the “Jeans Capital of the World” was visited by Greenpeace representatives who, in turn, conducted 21 tests on waterways within the area. The tests found traces of five heavy metals, associated with the chemical-intensive denim washes, in 17 of the 21 water and sediment samples. Such figures and scenes may make you think twice before queuing up and buying these clothes.

Despite these damaging activities caused by the western demand for cheap clothing, you will be happy to know that high quality organic clothing can be sourced for even the most environmentally aware shopper. Clothing retailers such as Express Garment Printing offer a range of items including sweatshirts, women’s clothes and organic Express Garment Printing Hoodies all of which can be personalised to suit your individual needs.

About the author: Chris Algar writes on behalf of who are UK based company that specialises in the personalisation and supply of quality work wear and leisure wear such as Express garment Printing Polos.

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