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Saying Goodbye to Standby – Top Tips for Cutting Energy Bills and Reducing Carbon Emissions

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Whether you’re looking to go green to prevent the severe damage that carbon emissions is causing the environment, or simply want to save a great deal of money on the constantly increasing energy bills, look no further than your own home for the perfect starting point.

Recent research by uSwitch suggests that the average annual energy bills in the UK add up to a staggering £1,252. This figure is surely enough to put us off from keeping the television on standby or using the tumble dryer on a summer’s day, but what lifestyle changes can we complete to both significantly reduce these alarming costs as well as reduce the incredible amount of carbon emissions that will be emitted due to this usage?

Breaking Bad Habits

If you haven’t already started, it’s time to begin forcing your way out of bad habits that have built up over years of electrical indulgence…


Say goodbye to standby…


Although it may seem a bit of a farce to get up and head to the plug socket after you’ve finished watching TV, it can actually save you between £50 – 86 on your annual bill. Although this cost may seem minimal, turning your appliances and TV off at the plug goes on to make a huge difference, especially when they are not in use and considered to be ‘off’.

Be an Energy Saving Super Hero – Save Power

If you’re a particular creature of the night and enjoy the reassuring sound that the television brings whilst you slumber, don’t forget to look for a power saving mode, and switch it on! Although falling asleep to the gentle tones of your favourite film or TV shows may be tempting, there’s little need to have it on all night. Although power saving settings will usually only switch your TV to standby, this is still using considerably less energy than if it’s turned on.


A great deal of modern televisions have power saving features and timers to allow you to adjust them accordingly to turn off when you no longer require their services.

Look Beyond…

If you’ve got DVD players, consoles or satellite receivers hooked up to your TV, make sure these are turned completely off when not in use, especially if they’re usually kept on standby. As well as this, you can look beyond your entertainment systems and think of saving energy with your appliances. When possible, always opt for the eco cycle on your washing machine for a more energy efficient wash with equally impressive results.

As technology advances, we must adjust our lifestyles accordingly to reduce the ever increasing carbon emissions that are causing a great deal of environmental damage. This of course should begin in the comfort of our own home to both save money and protect our environment.


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