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Different Options for Eco-Friendly Doors Throughout Your Home

Home renovation projects are always complicated, no matter how big or small the job you plan to tackle. The problem is there are so many variables to consider. And unlike many of the other purchases you make in life, what you do inside your home you will have to live with for many years to come. Your house is the biggest investment you have, and you want to make choices that will both improve the overall beauty and personal enjoyment of your space while also increasing the potential resale value on the real estate market. If you also care about the future of our planet, using environmentally sustainable building materials is the other major factor front and center in your decision-making process. When it comes to replacing doors throughout your home, you should easily be able to find ways to fulfill each requirement without breaking the bank. Here are just a couple of the different options for eco-friendly doors in your home.

As most eco-warriors intuitively understand, the best building options are always when you don’t have to create anything new at all. To achieve that result, you’ll have to find rescued, reclaimed wood or upcycled pieces. Many companies deal with reclaimed timber, which tends to come from old growth trees. Those older trees are much harder to find now thanks to deforestation, but make for a much stronger resource. The rings of growth inside the trunk are tighter, and the color you’ll fine is something impossible to repeat with modern timber. Keep an eye out for timber that has been reclaimed from old roof beams or joists. You’ll pay more than you would on a brand new door, but the sustainability and beauty will be more than worth it.

Upcycling is the next best choice. With upcycling, you aren’t going back to the rescued wood, but instead digging up an old door you can bring back to life through your renovation project. This is going to take some searching, but that’s part of the fun. Look for old homes that are condemned or being razed for new construction. Check out neighborhoods with classic homes that have fallen into disrepair. You also never know what you will find at a yard sale, so keep an eye out on weekends as well. With a new coat of paint or a custom finish, that upcycled door will fit your personality and your space to a tee.

Your next best choice is a recycled door. These are often made with at least partially salvaged wood. Some recycled doors are a composite made mostly with waste material such as wheat straw, which will save a ton of new wood. These doors are great options for the interior of your home, as they won’t be quite as strong as the full wood doors you would want to use for your main entrances. Just make sure you work with a reputable company with products that are certified. The goal is a door that is made of at least 25% recycled materials, but if you hunt around a bit you could probably find doors with an even higher recycling content.

Now that you’ve got the most eco-friendly options in front of you, turn your attention towards design. Reclaimed wood that a boutique lumber company provides can be custom made, with an arch design, multiple panel layouts and truly whatever sort of finish you would like. Don’t balk at paying a little more. These doors will surely outlive any new ones. Just make sure if you do buy new that their manufacture meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

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