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How to Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner With An Aquarium Air Pump

An air conditioning system is a resource that we all take for granted, until we do not have access to one. An air conditioner keeps us cool when the temperatures outside are sweltering and nearing 100 degrees! If you find yourself without an air conditioning system or would like to try a small project, why not create your own air conditioner with an aquarium air pump? Below are a few easy steps to guide you through the project and soon you will have your own personal air conditioner!

Items you need:

Box Fan
Aquarium pump
copper coil 3/8 inch diameter
20 feet of tubing
12 inch inner diameter vinyl tubing
3/8 inch couplers
5/8 inch couplers (threaded)
Small Screwdriver
(2) 12 inch adapters (barbed brass)
(3) hose clamps (1 inch)
Zip ties
Tape (Teflon)


Step One:

Start by removing the protective shell of the fan. Place the copper tubing to place the fittings. Make a spot for each area to attach the fittings and then set the copper where the screen would be placed. Bend the tubing into a circular shape and leave space between the circles. This should be easy as the tubing is already in the coiled shape. You will end up with copper tubing surround the fan area.

Step Two: Attachment

Now you are ready to attach the fittings to the tubing. You will be attaching the fittings to the marks you placed on the tubing. Look for non-solder compression fittings as this will be easier to attach. Now you will move on to attaching the vinyl tubing. Use your screwdriver and use the tape to cover each of the threads of the tubing. Take the adapter and screw it to keep the tubing and keep it from slipping. Once the tubing is in place you will be able to move to the next step.


Step Three:

Now you will need to place the tubing(copper) to the screen portion of the fan by using zip ties. Use at least four or more ties to keep the tubing fixed to the screen to the fan. Put the screen on the fan and then secure it tightly. Now use a drill to drill three holes which will be used for the in portion and out portion of tubing as well as for the pump cord.

Using The Unit

Place a plate under your fan so it can catch the condensation. The cooler and the fan need to be placed beside each other and then fill the cooler with water until it covers the pump. Try ice, cold water or water with salt added to start your unit. Check the fan and adjust as needed before you turn the pump on to provide cool air.


Author Bio: Maud Fitzherbert is an HVAC expert and is a regular reader of Ways2GoGreen Blog. She currently works for heating contractors in Wisconsin.

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