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How To Keep Your Garden Luscious This Winter

Winters that may start on 21st of December in the USA are a great time to relax and enjoy. You tend to remain indoors the more and outdoors the less. But, this may further mean that you tend to ignore your gardens too! Because you believe that there’s nothing to plant or grow, you don’t worry about the landscapes much.

And whilst wondering so, you often forget that winter gardens, with a little care and upholding, could look tastier and fresher in comparison to summer gardens. There could be a lot to do to maintain that luscious, beautiful landscapes in your courtyard or in front of your ‘home sweet home’.

You could simply get to do (or not) following things to make your gardens look ‘wow’ in the season-of-snow:

  • Do not stop watering the ground even if it is snowing all over. Look for regions that are not frozen and may accept water to retain the moisture of the soil. In fact, water your lush every morning.
  • Prune away dead leaves, grass, limbs and vines that may accumulate during fall season (just before winters) as they may otherwise make garden look gloomy.
  • Rake away all the layers of dead leaves and mulch them (by using mulching mower) into finer pieces. Add them to flower beds or compost piles for they could be source of organic matter.
  • Disconnect all the hose pipes and other irrigation equipment; make sure to drain even the last drop of water off them. Water, otherwise, may freeze inside the pipes and may cause damage.
  • Get to remove snow off the live plants (do it with sheer care to avoid breaking of the plants).
  • Rather, (if you can) shift all your potted plants indoors. This may, in fact, provide you with an excuse to decorate your interiors too.
  • Ensure that you choose the right variety of plants to grow. Opt for Camellias, Japanese Maple, Snowdrops, Crape Myrtle, Bergenia and others. In fact, many vegetables such as Broccoli, Kale, Brussels, Leek, Spinach, Onions, Carrots, and Cauliflowers make a beautiful winter vegetable gardens.
  • Also include trees and shrubs that hold onto berries like firethorne, chokecherry, Virginia creeper and chinaberry.
  • You could even get to grow evergreens that may be of different color as well! Yellow Gold Thread, blue Dwarf Spruce etc make your garden look brighter and colorful.
  • Get to beautify your hardscapes including window boxes, hanging baskets, or summertime containers with miniatures like Alberta spruce, Japanese Andromeda, or Rhododendron.
  • However, always choose sparing sunny locations to have your plants or trees grow and flourish.
  • For heavy-rains areas build a proper drainage system or raised beds. Or else, excess water may flood your foliage.
  • Build up blockades like wooden frames in order to protect lush against high, freezing winds. Use plastic tarps to avoid weeds from overrunning.
  • Tend to add fertilizers rich in potassium for keeping your lush healthy. Potassium will make foliage grow properly during winters by hardening the cell walls of plants.

Trust me, with all these tips you can actually ensure attractiveness of your garden and make your neighbors feel jealous of you all through the winters. As a matter of fact, caring for your gardens during winters is not as difficult as you thought. It rather requires lesser maintenance because, in winters, plant growth is slower and there are lesser insects.

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