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Eco-friendly Washer/Dryer Machines

If you are going to buy a cheap washing machine, you may want to consider how much it will cost to run over a long period of time. Washing machine’s annual running costs can vary from £12 to £47 – this is a significant difference, adding add up over the years. Consumers can now compare models and their efficiency via EU energy labels, which now include A+++, A++ and A+ ratings, on top of the usual A-G ratings list.

These new ratings are for a new breed of machine that are more efficient than the A-rated models. In the modern world concerned about the environment, it’s rare to see a machine with a rating less than B for its energy efficiency.

I’ve listed some machines/dryers below that are very green and eco-friendly, quality machines that’ll save you money and do its bit for the environment.

Maytag Washer

This is a superb piece of machinery, its many features including a built-in water heater, extra saturation, and the durability and quality you’d expect from Maytag. It has a delayed start option for up to 10 hours, making laundry time more efficient and easy. Maytag have developed their The Rainfall Clean system, allowing washing through a special 136 hole, 3-baffle system to wash fabrics with optimum saturation. Another development is their Smooth Balance suspension system, significantly reducing any vibrations or noise.

Maytag Dryer

Double up on your washer with this equally brilliant and spacious washer. It boasts a massive 6.7 cu.ft of ‘Super Size Capacity’ and like the washer, it’s made to last, something the Maytag brand is renowned for. Their Gentle Breeze system dries clothes in around the same time it takes to wash them, reducing the amount of power consumption. Based on a 4KG load, Maytag’s IntelliDry sensor measures the moisture level as the clothing dries, reducing the risk of shrinking.

Whirlpool Washer

If power and money saving options are what you are looking for, something really eco-friendly, then look no further. This Whirlpool washer’s Energy Star system allows for a 60% less water usage and a massive 67% less energy consumption – that’s seriously green! There’s also an anti-escape detergent valve, full temperature management controls, and a clever delay wash option for up to 6 hours. Its wash capacity is a good 3.3 Cu. Ft, and it allows for deep cleaning, has a 1050-rpm spin system with 3 speeds: low, med, high.

Whirlpool Dryer

This is the sister machine to the washer, a clever dryer with great features. Its load capacity is a large 6.7 Cu. Ft, and Whirlpool have installed their AccelerCare Drying System, drying clothes in a faster time, saving power usage. Other Whirlpool technology includes their Wrinkle Shield system, and a DuraWhite option. With 5 temperature settings and 9 cycle types, the only thing this machine can’t do is your ironing.

GE Washer

This is a front-loading washer from GE. Energy star qualified, this is a great eco machine and also very quite. It features a child lock, fully electronic controls displayed in bold LEDs for easy functioning. Other features include a pre-treat dispenser and even a stain inspector to deal with 40+ everyday stains. This attractive machine’s load capacity is a giant 4.2 cu. ft.

GE Dryer

GE’s machinery is very stylish to look at, and paired up with their washer, this GE dryer would look great in any kitchen or utility room. Like the washer, this dryer’s capacity is just massive at 7.5 cu. ft. Even the internal drum is good to look at, made from stainless steel with a mirror finish. Like all the other leading brand washing machines out there, this matches them on every level, whether it’s eco-friendly or it boasts the latest technology.

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