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How to Keep Your Property Clean – The Natural Way

Whether your property be your home, or a commercial building, keeping it clean can be a tough job. You may have already encountered some issues with graffiti, paint, chewing gum or even just general dirt and grime. If you want to ensure that your property stays clean, without impacting the environment, then there are some natural ways to do so.

Cleaning stone, slate, marble and masonry

Many buildings are made from one of these materials (although we will look at other materials further down) and so this is an excellent place to start. Older buildings can sometimes build up dirt, grime and bacteria or weeds such as moss. Even if the building is not particularly old you may have noticed it looking a little more shabby than usual. There is also the case of graffiti, paint, posters or even chewing gum. If your building is made from stone, masonry (such as brick), marble or slate then you may need to invest in the help of an expert and the DOFF system. This system uses a clever mix of low-pressure and high temperature to gently remove dirt and marks from your building. This method is so gentle, but effective, that it can even be used on listed buildings. The DOFF system is a natural way of cleaning, so uses no chemicals or toxins, just water and pressure. This ensures that you are causing no harm to your building and no harm to the environment!

Cleaning wood

If your building is made of wood then you may be susceptible to rotting and bacteria, as well as the other types of dirt and grime. Cleaning a wood building naturally can be a lot more difficult and may have to be carried out with a bit of elbow grease. You can use several items in your kitchen cupboards for cleaning wood and so be prepared to fill up a bucket and wet your sponge. Some of the best environmentally friendly products for cleaning wood include baking soda, unscented soap, lemon, white vinegar and cornstarch. Mixing one or more of these ingredients with hot water can create a cleaning product that is eco-friendly and excellent for cleaning up wood properties.

Cleaning metal

It is unlikely that your whole building will be made of metal, but if you want to give the bits that are a clean then there are some natural ways of doing this too. Like wood, it may be a case of you mixing some ingredients with hot water and sponging down the surfaces yourself. Depending on the type of metal you can use lemon juice, baby oil, olive oil and even aluminium foil to buff up metal surfaces and clear them of dirt and marks.

Cleaning glass

Finally, glass. Most buildings will have some form of glass, even if it is just the windows. Those with a lot of glass may want to ask an expert to clean it for them. However, if you want to give your property a natural clean then vinegar and newspaper is all you need for the glass areas of your house! Simply apply the vinegar to your windows, or glass panels, and rub off with the newspaper in a circular motion.

These ways of cleaning the various materials on your property can ensure that you are not harming the environment, or your building itself. Those with large buildings may want to seek the advice of an expert (such as a DOFF system professional) in order to deal with those hard to reach places.

Article written by Stone Cleaning Company – Heritage Cleaning.

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