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5 Things to Expect From Eco Friendly Car Insurance

If you are thinking about buying an eco-friendly car insurance policy; you are not alone! The media often runs stories about the state of the environment, and many consumers are becoming more concerned about how their own actions are contributing to pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer.

Eco friendly car insurance seems to offer you some excellent benefits that you can take advantage of. With a closer look at what a green policy offers, you may decide that this is the only type of policy you want to consider buying.

1. Great Cover Options

Of course, you want to purchase cover that is environmentally responsible, but you also need to purchase cover that is practical and useful for your needs. Green insurance offers all of the same cover options that you would find with most other insurers in the United Kingdom. Whether you want to purchase a Comprehensive policy, a Third Party Only policy, or another type of policy, you can find the cover you need through a green insurer.

2. Beneficial Add-Ons

You will also have access to beneficial add-on cover that can help you to maximise the benefits of your car insurance policy. Many drivers enjoy cover options like a courtesy car, legal assistance and others. With the right combination of add-ons, you can make your green car insurance policy as protective and beneficial as you want it to be.

3. Friendly Customer Service

You may not file a claim on your car insurance policy on a regular basis, but when you do, you want your car insurer to work with you and to be accessible. Events like a car accident or car theft can be stressful enough without having to fight your own car insurer on a claim or struggle to reach a company representative. A green car insurance company offers excellent customer service along with a 24-hour claims department.

4. A Green Policy

When you buy eco-friendly car insurance, you are buying a green policy that you can feel good about. After your first year of cover, the company will offset up to one tonne of your carbon emissions. This is a policy that really does have a positive effect on the environment.

5. Corporate Responsibility

Eco friendly car insurance does more than just offset your carbon emissions. A green insurance company works to make a difference in the local community on a regular basis. This is done by offering financial assistance local environmental projects.

If you are concerned about the state of the environment; purchasing an eco-friendly car insurance policy is a great way to make a difference. You can learn more about this type of policy by requesting a quote today.

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