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Eco-Friendly Fireplace for the ‘Green’ Home

The importance and awareness of creating a greener environment for the future is consistently on the rise and everyone is trying in their own little way to contribute to this herculean task. There are numerous ways in which one could also be instrumental in effecting this change. One such way is opting for eco-friendly fireplaces instead of the traditional ones. Although the traditional fireplaces are extremely cozy and comfortable, they do possess some imminent threats for the green environment that we are trying to achieve as their smoke contains volatile organic compounds which can pollute the air and lead to respiratory problems as well. However, bio-ethanol fireplaces have come into the foray and are considered a good replacement for traditional fireplaces. Here’s a rundown of how bio-ethanol fireplaces work and what the various options it offers are.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

This is a novel concept that is slowly finding it’s ground and acceptance amongst many people as it provides not only the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace but also contributes to our larger goal as it is carbon neutral, odourless and non-polluting! Ethanol, which is a renewable agricultural product obtained from the fermentation of crops is used in place of wood. These fireplaces have a flexible design and thus can be installed anywhere. They are available in various sizes and subtle shapes and are very aesthetic and stylish. Moreover, they burn clean and do not cause any soot, residue, smoke or ash. This makes them very easy to maintain and have them installed even on glass tables as they do not require chimneys or outlets. Listed below are the various ways in which these bio-ethanol fireplaces can be installed in homes.

Outdoor Fireplaces – For those who are looking for fireplaces for patios, gardens, terraces, pool decks or courtyards, these portable bio-ethanol outdoor fireplaces are a great choice. They can easily be moved around and there is no need to worry about moving wood logs or cleaning up after.

Designer Fireplaces – If you are looking for stylish and modern designs for your living room, designer fireplaces could be built to custom orders so that they can easily installed in your homes. They are very much like portable furniture and can be easily moved around.

Fireplace Inserts – If you already have a traditional fireplace in your homes, then you can make use of these fireplace inserts to build the bio-ethanol fire or they could be also used to build fire into either a single or double sided wall.

Bio-Ethanol Burners – These are probably the most widely used as they offer a plethora of possibilities for both commercial and residential purposes. They are extremely easy to install and require no chimney or fuel.

Fireplace Grates – These provide an easy way to rekindle an open fireplace which is closed without too much fuss or hassle. They can also be used to create a unique fireplace feature in your homes.

As is evident, bio-ethanol fireplaces are a no smoke and an eco-friendly option that can adopted even by people who already have a traditional fireplace in their homes, as it offers numerous possibilities to convert the traditional ones into eco-friendly alternatives and thus take a step forward in the right direction towards creating a greener environment for our future generations to come!

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