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The greenest motorcycle on the market

Car makers throughout the world started producing environmentally-friendly vehicles a relatively long time ago, some having more success than others, but the fact is that green technologies are being used in cars and a lot of zero emission electric vehicles are being driven nowadays. But, what about motorcycles? Is there any two-wheeler out there that can contribute to the efforts for a greener planet. Several motorcycle manufacturers have tried to come up with something like that, but if there is one motorcycle brand that stands out above all the other ones, it would have to be the Zero X.

It is created by California-based Zero Motorcycle, producer of high performance electric motorcycles. The Zero X is named for its zero emission ability, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The 2012 Zero X is very lightweight, with a curb weight of just 215 pounds, has a 38 miles range and can achieve a maximum speed of 56 mph, which is not too bad for an electric motorcycle.

What makes it achieve zero emission is the trademarked Z-Force battery technology, with higher energy density and the ability for 3,000 charge-discharge cycles before reaching 80% capacity, which provides the battery with a pretty long lifespan. The Zero Power Pack is fully recyclable, which adds to the environmentally-friendly aspect of the motorcycle. According to the manufacturer, the equivalent fuel economy of the Zero X is 487 MPGe. Unlike earlier Zero X versions, the 2012 model is street legal and can be used on public roads, equipped with side view mirrors, and street legal light system and trail tires. Its great acceleration abilities are due to the fact that the frame and body are made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is pretty lightweight, but very strong at the same time.

All in all, the 2012 Zero X is a prime example that high performance green motorcycles can be produced, and with a price of $9,900, it’s affordable, too.

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