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The Most Eco Friendly Rock Musicians

eco friendly rock musiciansEnvironmental concerns are a pretty important issue at the moment, and are at the forefront of a lot of serious conversations that are occurring the world over. One might even go so far as to describe the recent upswing in environmentalism as being something of a “fad,” but if it is, it’s hopefully one that doesn’t pass us by anytime soon at all. Over the course of the last several decades, we’ve certainly come very far as a race, developing innovative new technologies and creating exciting new things to help us live our lives. Part of the cost that comes with all this advancement and development, however, is the fact that as a race, humanity has also more or less wrought havoc on the environment. It’s all too clear that we need to be doing things in a different way, and the recent rise in concern surrounding the ways that we treat the environment is very indicative of just how bad we seem to have let things get. More and more, we’re making sure that we do everything we can to protect the environment and ensure that it’s going to be nice for us and for future generations. From individuals to corporations, we’ve all been trying to figure out how we can conduct ourselves in a way that’s a little more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Things like the development of the hybrid car and other green technologies that have arisen in the last several years have helped us to make sure we’re taking good care of the environment in exciting ways, but you might be surprised to know that some of your very favorite musicians might have had a hand in some recent, environmentally-oriented developments.

Guster is one band that has certainly done more than enough of its fair share to combat all the waste and pollution that’s created by touring. Musicians can be pretty excessive, and a tour is typically something that takes up a lot of resources. Everything from emission to energy consumption has an impact on the environment, and Guster have created a nonprofit known as Reverb to work with artists and help them make sure that their tours have less of an environmental impact. The band’s members actually met one another at an environmental rally when they were in college, and it’s inspiring to see that they continue to remain active when it comes to this very important passion.

Similarly, Thom Yorke of Radiohead has taken it upon himself to do everything in his power towards helping save the environment. He’s personally adjusted almost every aspect of his band’s tour so that the environmental impact it has is completely minimized. Just because you don’t read about musicians’ environmental tendencies in the daily celebrity news column doesn’t mean that they’re not working hard to preserve our environment. These are just a few of the popular musicians that have made a serious effort towards changing the way we do things. With this kind of thinking, there’s no telling how much we can do to guarantee a bright future for the generations to come.

Clay Miller
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