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3 Environmental Documentaries Not to Be Missed

Our world is changing every day, and so is the environment. People can deny this fact all they want, but the reality is apparent. Warm winters, scorching hot summers, hurricanes and earthquakes have been part of the earth’s environment since the beginning of time, but only to a certain extent. The rapid change of the environment in the past decade has gotten everybody talking, and many people worried about the future of our world. There is much more to learn, and there are things that can be done by each and every one of us on earth that can contribute to balancing out our earth once again, and there are some amazing documentaries that can really open up the eyes of anyone that is questioning whether or not global warming and the environment are affecting our dear mother earth.

When the Levees Broke

When the Levees Broke is a powerful documentary by Spike Lee that examines the effect that Hurricane Katrina had on New Orleans. Not only does this documentary examine the environmental issues that may have lead to Hurricane Katrina, it delves into the role of the Government, as well as FEMA. Spike Lee interviews dozens of victims that were affected by this tragedy, providing the viewer with the human side of this disaster that could have possibly been prevented. This documentary is in four acts, each act providing insight to the tragedy as well as giving a message of hope, as the citizens of New Orleans continue to move forward.

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that focuses on the former Vice President Al Gore’s views and concern about the environment. The documentary speaks to the viewer about global warming and its impact on the world, and has been highly acknowledged as one documentary that truly has raised the bar on how the entire world needs to do whatever they can in order to make a change. Al Gore travels the world in order to educate individuals on the impact of global warming, and he delivers a speech throughout the film that is touching and poignant, yet highly informative as well. Al Gore stresses that the climate can be changed and brought back in balance by planting proper vegetation that will work to consume the excess C02 levels in the environment. This important documentary is a must watch for everyone.

Addicted To Plastic

Addicted to Plastic takes an in depth look at plastic and how it is used in today’s world. The host travels around the world over a period of two years, and the viewer learns about the life cycle of plastic. While plastic is very beneficial to us in many ways, it also takes years to decompose and is having an astoundingly harsh effect on the world’s various ecosystems. The documentary talks about everything from the Styrofoam cup to how plastics are utilized in medications and artificial organs. This program will definitely make people pause before they casually grab a quick drink of coffee or water with a Styrofoam cup, as it is a real eye opener about how the world is literally addicted to plastic.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you are a hard core environmentalist or someone that is simply looking for small ways to make a difference, educating yourself on the state of the environment is a great first step to making the much needed changes that our world needs in order to thrive.

Sean Derrick is an avid environmental blogger. He is always looking at ways to increase peoples awareness of their energy choices and their impact on the environment. Visit for more information on saving energy.

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