Want To Build An Eco Friendly Home? Here You Go!

Everybody, these days, is been talking about becoming environment friendly. And, what would be the best way than to start using eco-friendly products at your home? After all, ‘Charity begins at home’!

You too can get all or at least some of these products to make sure that you contribute in mitigating the impact of not-so-eco-friendly, power hungry appliances.

  • LED or Compact Fluorescent light bulbs – You definitely have an idea of these. Don’t you? They last longer and consume far less energy than that consumed by normal light bulbs. According to statistics, if each home in USA will get to replace at least a bulb with an energy saving light bulb then the government will be able to save enough energy to light up not less than three million homes for a year!
  • Go green at home improvement with sustainable building material including bamboo plywood and composite decking etc. For the reasons that bamboo grows rapidly (reaches maturity only in four years) and composite decking is manufactured from recycled wood and plastic waste, they both make awesome eco-friendly products.
  • Create beautiful landscapes with artificial grass and fake plants. The lawn will be 99% maintenance free – the rest 1% includes dusting using air compressor or washing once in a while only. It lets you save on water and petroleum (used for running land mower). There is no pruning and thereby release of harmful gases like hydrocarbons in the atmosphere.
  • Use water saving or low-flow flush in washrooms. About 30% of the total consumption of water a day at home is used in toilets. Better use smaller size flush or get flush with two different buttons for little or big flush.
  • Fireplaces? Why not get EcoSmart ones? They run on denatured ethanol, which is said to be a renewable energy source. It is almost maintenance free and does not cause pollution.
  • Do you have retro kitchen décor? Go for natural linoleum flooring then. Manufactured by using linseed oil, resins and wood flour, it helps at stopping microorganisms from multiplying and polluting the environment.
  • Stop! Stop creating heaps of discarded batteries’ waste. Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Replace kitchen or bathroom countertops with the ones made with recycled materials. Recycled glass countertops are made from windshields, stemware and beverage bottle glass; concrete and fly ash. They, in fact, have all the qualities of granite countertops – resistant to scratches and heat and zero maintenance.
  • Get double-pane, low-emittance, insulated glass windows that prevent heat loss in winters and heat gain in summers keeping your home warm and cool in respective seasons.
  • Use recycled paper towels in kitchen. They are unscented, unbleached and can be used for all tasks where paper is used.
  • Use eco-friendly detergents, soaps, cleaners, disinfectants and others instead of using chemically harmful.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is a freelance Guest Blogger. She holds an experience of many years in field of Content Development. She consistently writes for various topics including home decor and improvement; good housekeeping; environmental aid; home and garden and health and lifestyle topics on behalf of Blooming that offers a wide range of green things such as outdoor plants etc and on behalf of Genite that offers a wide range of home, office, education or business items such as magazine rack and coat stands.

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