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Comfy Cozy Seating From Recycled Foam

recycled foam bagThe foam from construction, packaging, and furniture fills our landfills. Millions of tons of these types of foam are manufactured each year. There is a growing trend, however to recycle these foam products and use them for a variety of purposes including comfy and cozy furniture. Recycled foam is used in beanbag chairs because of the comfort it provides, the cost-effectiveness and the green way in which it is produced. While typical furniture found in big box stores today is most often produced overseas where recycled materials are not incorporated into the end product, beanbag chairs made in the USA often contain the foam that was once destined for our landfills.

Beanbag chairs are undergoing a renaissance of popularity because of their comfort, style, and wide assortment of shapes and styles available. In the 1960s and 1970s, beanbag chairs were typically filled with small little beads that invariably leaked out through poorly made zippers. Today’s bean bag chairs are much more comfortable and durable, and they are not just for kids any longer. Huge beanbags and bean bag sofas are perfect for couples and families to curl up on to watch a favorite movie, or the big game, all the while knowing you are helping keep foam from the landfills.

Part of the overall green initiative is to buy products that have travelled the least distances. Furniture made overseas has two strikes against it; not only has it travelled far, it is typically not made from recycled materials. On the other hand, products made in the United States from recycled products support our local economy through the creation of jobs at the manufacturing facilities for the products and through the recycling centers. Two of our biggest challenges today are our economy, and our environment. Make a smart buying decision by looking for products that are born in the USA and made from recycled materials.

And don’t forget the next time you find yourself surrounded by foam from construction projects, packaging or from old furniture, remember that you have the option to recycle the foam. Across the country, many recycling centers will take foams you have sitting around and turn them into viable recycle products, including the stuffing for a super comfy and stylish kid bean bag chair. When considering your next furniture purpose, look for a solution that uses recycled foams and other materials; every piece we keep out of the landfills makes our planet safer and healthier.

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