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Walmart Strategy for Sustainability Examined in MBA Course

Walmart strategy for sustainabilityWe all seem to have realized that the environment is in need of some serious help from the human race. The science and technology that we’ve been able to develop over the course of the last several decades has certainly served to make the world a better place, and has definitely enabled us human beings to live our lives in easier and more efficient ways, at the very same time. Arguably enough, however, these developments have led to us quickening the decay of the planet, and have seriously damaged the environment and the ecosystem that we depend upon to sustain us. If we want to make sure that the world is a decent enough place for the numerous generations that are going to come after us, we’ve got to make sure that we’re taking better care of it. Thankfully enough, this idea has successfully seeped into the public consciousness, with individuals and corporations alike doing everything they can to introduce more sustainable habits and practices into the world. While you’re at home trying to make sure that you consume less and recycle more, major manufacturers and huge corporations are doing more to make sure that they also waste less, and that their business dealings are producing positive results for the environment. Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the world, has been working on an environmental improvement program for quite some time now, and is doing so to the degree that it’s attracted the attention of the University of South Carolina.

Many environmentally-oriented scholars at the prestigious university have paid very, very close attention to Walmart and the progress that it’s made with its extensive sustainability campaign. This campaign is nothing new, and over the course of several years, the USC scholars following it have turned out a number of case studies that are rife with important information about Walmart and its journey towards increased sustainability. All these case studies are freely available online, and what professors quickly realized is that the wealth of information presented by the case studies could easily and effectively be studied in a college course.

By adding an additional MBA course to a USC degree program that’s already quite prestigious, professors at the school are intending to allow students to learn about sustainability and corporate environmental policy by studying the observations of Walmart’s sustainability campaign over the course of the last several years. This type of real-world example will help students to have a much easier time understanding the impact that a corporation like Walmart can have on the environment around it. Though it’s certainly attracted its fair share of controversy in other ways, the energy that Walmart puts towards its sustainability efforts are commendable. Students at the University of South Carolina that wish to learn about sustainability and the strategies that will help us achieve it will be able to take this exciting new course and learn about some of the real-life efforts being made towards this important goal.

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