Want to Go Green? Try Recycling and Efficient Waste Disposal

The world is not that small planet that was lush with resources a million years ago. Now, it is brimming with people that continue to multiply at a much faster rate than the resources. At times like these, being a responsible environment conscious person is not only recommended but necessary. This is why you see most people going green and this change in lifestyle starts from your home. The following points will help you in going green the right way –

  1. Analyze The Cost Of Going Green – Most people have the will to go green but not the means. Hence, before you start with your remodeling project, you must chalk out your financial means. What is your budget? Are you willing to spend a lot on the project? These are some questions that you need to ponder on. The idea is to do the best from what you have and staying within you budgetary limits.You have to understand that going green isn’t all about spending money but saving resources. So, even if your budget is tight, don’t give up hope because you could still contribute towards the environment. This can be done by reducing wastage of resources and improving the efficiency of job sites. Maximize the utility of what you have and minimize the usage of what you don’t, that is the main idea.
  2. Follow The Three Rs – The three Rs of going green and home improvement are – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The following points will help you understand the three Rs better –
    • Reduce Wastage Of Resources – Your building projects include many items that are not only costlier but also harmful to the environment. If you spend some time in research, you could look for a better alternative that was greener as well. Choose products and brands that are as serious about going green as you are, like DATS Environmental Services.
    • Reuse Materials That Have Been Previously Used – Most projects involve deconstruction as their first step instead of outright remodeling. This is where you can use your old materials like doors, lumber, casings of window and other similar reusable things. Also, keep an eye out for garage sales or private clearings where you might find something interesting for your remodeling project. Just keep your design a bit flexible and your mind open.
    • Recycle Waste And Materials – Statistics show that most of the waste that is sent to landfills is capable of recycled usage. This is where you can cut on your costs and save a lot of precious resources. Not only that, you can also use materials that have been made from recycled resources. This would be doubly beneficial in its use as well as sentiment.


All of this can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, it is always recommended to start small. Take one step at a time towards going green to give your pocket a breathing space. If it works, you can do the entire remodeling later at one go.

Clay Miller
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