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Smart- threatening food types: tips for foods which can challenge your intelligence

The food which we consume does not satisfy the hunger of the stomach only but gratifies our intelligence too. Intelligence can not be compromised at the time of high technology working premises. Whether you are running your enterprise or working under an employer, there cannot be any other substitute of the intelligence quotient. In the busy working hours we just gulp anything which we find at ease with least effort and money wastage but next time checks your such unhealthy habit which may bind your promotion or revenues because of affecting intelligence caused by a particular food.

Here are some unhealthy foods which should be avoided


• Junk food

Fast food is the synonym for junk food. The nutritional value of the fast or food is equivalent to zero. The only feature of fast access has become it famous in youngsters and busy professionals at the office. Many researchers claim the fact of damaging brain function because of the increasing consumption of fast food.

• Over salty recipes

The overeating of salt directly leads to increased sodium level in our body. When consume salt more than a required limit of our body this disturbs the heart functioning directly without any delay. In some particular diseases like high blood pressure doctors recommend stop eating salt in your food. The affluent salt damages the brain functioning too.

• Preserved foods

Preserved foods contain so many chemicals to avoid the perishability of the food. There are no alternatives for the natural foods. The producers and marketers offer the preserved foods in fascinating packages to lure the customers. The continual advertisements also play the significant role. But the final decision is yours. Whenever you have the preserved food keep in mind that you are putting your brain, heart and many other body parts in danger.

Here are some tips to avoid unhealthy food


• Carry your lunch box

Nowadays it has become a trend to have lunch at the college or office canteen. Husband and wife both are working. So it becomes difficult to prepare food for the lunch boxes early in the morning. Compromising with health is not a good option too. You can make more than half of the preparations at night for morning cooking. The delegation of work can make a lot of difference. A little bit of settlement can help a lot to avoid the unhealthy, unhygenic foods at the canteen.

• Educate your kids

The parents should educate their kids about the unhealthy facts about the attractively packed snacks, chocolates and candies. They should make their children know that consumption of unhealthy food may affect their performance in the examinations and playgrounds as such food affect body and brain both.

• Interesting recipes at home

Elder as well as younger ones gets bored after having the same food again and again. So they look towards tasty and different options outside. healthy food has to compromise with taste. But the competitors in the market keep both aspects in the mind taste and health. So there are many healthy recipes available in the market with healthy ingredients. Women can try their own at home too with the help of websites at internet, food channels at restaurant and other resources.

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