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UK Electric Vehicle Sales Expected to Double This Year

Chevy Volt - electric vehicle sales

It’s no secret that taking good care of the environment is a concern that sits at the forefront of just about everybody’s mind these days. While it’s certainly true that the last several years have given us numerous incredible technological developments, it’s also true that we’ve done a pretty serious number on the environment in the process of creating all these amazing things. As such, we’ve all realized that taking great care of the earth and its ecosystem has to become priority number one if we’re to leave a decent planet behind for the generations that will be coming after ours. From individuals to corporations, everyone seems to be realizing that more effort needs to be put towards protecting the environment, and one of the most exciting developments in this direction is the creation of the hybrid car. By creating motors that run on both electricity and fuel, some of the top auto manufacturers in the world have been able to make a huge step towards increased sustainability, allowing drivers to get themselves from Point A to Point B with significantly less impact being made by emissions and such. They may be a bit more expensive than your average sedan, but a hybrid car is a great investment, for a lot of reasons. Not only does driving one see you spending significantly less money on gas each week, but it also lets you feel like you’re doing your part to seriously protect the environment. This is great news for just about anyone concerned with the planet’s well-being, and recent studies are showing that we’re going to be continuing with this trend in a very positive way.

While the hybrid car market is still pretty niche-oriented, a new study that was conducted in the UK shows that this exciting technology is about to see a very serious boom. Currently, only about 0.7 of all car sales in Europe saw buyers picking up a new hybrid vehicles. While this is promising, it still leaves a ton of room for improvement. Apparently, however, we’re going to be seeing that improvement very soon, as hybrid and electric cars continue to get more and more affordable.

A research firm known as Pike has recently released a study that suggests a huge spike in sales for both hybrid and electric automobiles is impending, with Europe poised to be selling around 827 thousand electric and/or hybrid cars per year by the time 2020 rolls around. This is significantly good news for both the environment and the hybrid car market. We all need to be making sure that we’re doing our part to protect the environment, and this data shows that Europe is quite keen to keep things clean. A quick trip to a site like CarInQuotes will show you that hybrid cars aren’t always the most inexpensive automobiles, but Pike’s research indicates that they’ll soon be dropping in price. With trends like this one continuing to develop, we’ll be even more likely to have a much easier time keeping the earth in great shape for the generations to come.

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