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Eco Modular Homes

The popularity of modular buildings has been on an upward trend in recent times. Many homeowners and commercial buildings have adopted this construction technique. It involves the portioning of buildings into different sections or modules. The manufacture of these sections is carried out in a factory setting—this is done concurrently with the preparation and development of the building.

In recent times, many construction companies have sought to make these buildings environment friendly. Thus, eco modular buildings have been born—they consist of eco features like solar panels, Energy Star appliances, low-flow faucets and rainwater harvesting roofs. These features make eco modular homes an upgrade of the traditional housing structures. Some of the benefits of owning an eco modular home include:

• Environmental friendliness

Eco-modular homes or green modular buildings are environmentally friendly. During the construction process, there is less emission of greenhouse gases since much of the work is undertaken off-site. In this case, there is less damage incurred on the site. The fact that heavy machineries are minimally involved in the process reduces any worries associated with greenhouse emissions. With eco modular homes, the amount of waste discharged to the environment is significantly reduced. Thanks to off-site manufacturing, waste production reduces by 90% since few amounts of construction materials like cardboard, wood pallets and concrete are used. Waste reduction also occurs through the strategic and accurate measuring of the material resources.

• Efficiency

Eco modular homes also boast of being energy efficient thanks to the installation of materials like solar panels and Energy Star appliances. In the case of solar panels, homeowners need not grapple with high electricity costs since these panels generate enough energy to sustain the building. In turn, low electricity costs allow the persons concerned to direct their finances towards other projects. Green building modular homes, through rain water harvesting roofs, contribute to water conservation efforts by trapping rain water. This rain water is useful in various household chores such as, cooking, washing and drinking. Consequently, installing these roofs save people from high expenses associated with water bills.

• Economical benefits

Investing in an eco modular building is an economically viable move in the real estate market. It has the desired effect of increasing the value of the property since prospective buyers will be attracted by the benefits of such structures. Furthermore, the easy maintenance process associated with green modular buildings would lure many buyers into making a purchase. As aforementioned, the low energy and water costs position eco modular buildings as worthy financial investments. For businesses that carry out their activities from green modular buildings, they can benefit from increased employee productivity. This is precipitated by the pleasant environmental indoor conditions in such premises. Subsequently, increased employee productivity would metamorphose into increased sales and profits.

• Improved health

The fact that green modular buildings have proper ventilation, low emitting and non-toxic materials bode well for their occupants. Such individuals can efficiently safeguard themselves from sick building syndrome that results from poor light, air circulation and temperature variances. These characteristics are absent from green buildings, which enables occupants to work under healthy conditions.

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