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Grand Scaling Motorized Blinds

The modern home is no longer filled with rugged amenities that require continual maintenance and manual labor to stay presentable and livable. Rather, technology has evolved to allow for a more comfortable living area with less hassle and increased convenience. Homes are being built with structural integrity, but also innovative styling to create a more unique space for each individual owner.

As a result, many homes have oversized windows to allow vast amounts of sunlight to fill up open floor plans. The unique blueprints of these homes measure many windows ranging from 10 to 22 feet tall, spanning up to 40 feet wide in some designs. The large window spans not only create a sense of openness in a living space, but also require homeowners to find specialized coverings and screens to create a sense of privacy at certain times of the day. While the large windows may typically be left exposed to allow for sunlight and views of the outdoors, unique blinds and shades to fit the panels are a must-have to block out unwanted viewers or the elements.

Because the windows are so large, and standard shade levers would be hard to maneuver, many homeowners are opting for motorized blinds and shades to simplify the process of covering up the glass. Motorized blinds and shades are ideal for larger, more customized window spans because customary drapes, blinds and shades would be difficult to operate on such a grand scale. Rather than struggle with hard-to-reach pulls or easily discombobulated blinds, homeowners are turning to motorized coverings to maintain a clean window area without the hassle.

Investing in motorized blinds is a wise choice for homeowners with oversized windows. The electric motor used to move and adjust the coverings do so in a uniform fashion, preventing any creases, uneven coverings or inconsistencies in display. The motorized coverings can be modified for a wide range of window heights and widths, making no living space too unique for the technology. There are also a variety of window blinds and shades types available to cover up larger windows, allowing homeowners to express their tastes freely while still paying for a highly-functional home.

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– Jane Stephens has been an interior decorator for over 15 years, consulting large hotels and luxury homes in the Toronto area in Canada. She is a versatile writer that writes about many interior decorating tips and DIY projects. This article features tips on oversized window blinds and how to dress large open areas.

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