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5 Ways That Eco Travel Is Different From Regular Traveling

eco travelIf you’re someone who is particularly sensitive to the needs of the environment, then there’s a great chance that it affects every area of your life from what you eat to how you use the energy in your home—even to how you travel both locally and abroad.

And if you have family members or friends who still travel “the old-fashioned way”, they might find themselves wondering if your “travel choices” actually make much of a difference. Although you know that they do, if you want to be able to show them in black-and-white how that is the case, feel free to share this article with them. Below, we’ve enclosed five of the main reasons why eco-travel is different from regular traveling.

It’s kinder to the air. If you need to get some place in a hurry, you’re probably going to need to fly (Virgin America is currently the most eco-friendly airline in the United States); however, people who are “green” know that it’s also the quickest way to put the most emissions in the atmosphere. So, they tend to look for alternatives such as taking a train or renting a hybrid car.

It’s better for the body. Whether you’re going to work or figuring out how to get around once you arrive in a new city, eco-friendly individuals are not usually the first people in line at a rental car place. If they are able to take a bus to their hotel (and we’ll get to that next), they will. As far as getting around during the day, they may look for a place that rents bikes or opt for walking. These options provide great cardio exercise which is good every part of the body, especially the heart.

It saves money. Being eco-friendly isn’t just about saving energy resources, but saving money too. “Green” people tend to look for hotels that are extremely energy efficient, if they get a hotel room at all. With so many other options such as house swapping and renting vacation homes (where they have more space and can cook their own food), it oftentimes proves to be cheaper to look for other alternatives.

It supports local food and drink. When it comes to restaurants, there are a lot of foods that tend to be flown in from other places. That means that once again, emissions are in the air; however, another concern is that when restaurants and delis use the food from other states that shows a lack of support for their local providers. Those committed to eco-friendly travel are aware of this and usually take along something like the Eat Well Guide so that they can know where sustainable food options are.

It’s always on the lookout. One thing that “regular travelers” have in common with eco-friendly ones is that both are always looking for a good deal. While regular travelers may opt for cheap airfare, eco-friendly travelers might be looking for a cheap rate on a vacation house. However, one thing that makes the eco-friendly movement so exceptional is that it’s always looking for ways to improve upon itself. For instance, there are all kinds of apps that you can add to your cell phone that will show you where the closest eco-friendly hotel is, how many miles you’ve walked and there’s even one on the way that will tell you about the kinds of allergens that are in your food. If you want to be a smart traveler, without a doubt, being an eco-friendly one is definitely the best way to go.

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