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Sustainable Architectural Designs for Going Green With Your Home

The green movement has taken the world by storm. Many people are trying to find ways that they can make their lives more “greenlike”. Most people understand that purchasing energy efficient appliances, recycling, and trying to reduce your carbon footprint as a whole are great for helping the world to be a little more on the green side.

Trying to be as green friendly as possible and trying to construct a green home are two completely different plans. A green house can take a lot of time and money. True that most green homes save more money than the cost in the end, but it does take a decent amount of time to recoup the cost.

Green Homes

There are a lot of ways that you will be able to make your home a little green friendly. You may not be able to afford to rebuild a green friendly home from the ground up, but you will be able to make certain updates along the way in order to not only help the environment, but also save some money along the way.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can be a great way to help reduce the amount of energy that your home uses. They are not the cheapest thing to purchase, but the cost will be far surpassed by the savings. Most solar panels work by absorbing the usable energy from the sun through their cells. It is then converted to the energy that you home needs in order to run certain aspects such as the electrical system, air conditioning, and heating. Some power companies will even offer a credit to those that provide additional energy above and beyond what their house uses.

Low-Flow Showerheads & Toilets

Most people do not realize that how much water that they waste in a single day. The amount of water that it takes to flush or shower can be in the multiple gallons. This means that all of that water, energy, and money are literally just going right down the drain. Installing low-flow showerheads & toilets can help to save a great deal of money. It is true a lot of people try to avoid these items for they like strong showerheads with a lot of water pressure, but once you see the amount of money that you save due to preserving the water that you were previously wasting it might be exactly what you need in order to convince yourself to make the change.

Prefab Home

Purchasing a prefab home is a huge step in helping the green movement. There is a lot of waste that goes on during the basic construction of your average home. This waste can be chalked up to theft, damage, or simply just throwing away the leftover material. Prefab homes are much more streamlined when they are constructed so there is little to no waste. The fact that the home is built and is expected to be transported often means that the home is rather structurally sound. The price of the home does not necessarily reflect these savings, but the overall makeup of the house is a much cleaner and efficient process.

Get Tech Savvy

There are several apps that are available that will not only let you control the energy that your home expels, but it will help you to see where energy is being wasted. This is extremely important for a lot of people do not realize what their big energy wasters are or how to fix it.

There are a lot of ways that you can help to build or update your current home to be greener friendly. It is important to make sure you do your research and only select a process that is sustainably sound.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a freelance writer and blogger focusing on the environmental issues. At his last article he told how to go green by using the simplehuman garbage cans.

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