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Are You Considering an Outdoor Area? Get a Chance to Win While You Look at Furniture and More!

One of the easiest and most dramatic things you can do to increase the appeal of your home and add living area to it is to develop an outdoor area. Even the smallest of yards are big enough to create a small oasis, and you can do this whether you are in the confines of a town or out in the country.

Some people are lucky enough to have large porches, but for many of us that just is not an option. It is easy to set up a great little outdoor area, though. Cut the grass shorter or lay down some flagstone or concrete floor tiles and you can build a small oasis that you can use throughout the year!

For pool areas, garden patios, balcony sets, loungers and more, Rattan is the material to use for outdoor and semi-outdoor purposes. Not only is it classy, it is easy to clean and it lasts for years with minimum maintenance. There are also many different styles to choose from.

It is easy to start with a few select pieces – a Rattan chest and a couple of loungers, maybe an umbrella for those days when it is to sunny or a bit rainy. As time goes by, you can try different things to develop the yard around your garden patio.

Getting a new piece of furniture is always nice, or adding something smaller but with a lot of visual impact. A small water feature or a new set of lights can do a lot to add atmosphere to a small area. The ideas really are limitless when it comes to defining and decorating your outdoor area.

A porch doesn’t have to be left out though; statuary, lights and lanterns as well as potted plants can enliven and custom your outdoor area whether it is on a porch, next to a garden or just in an area directly behind your house, where a porch would be but at ground level.

If you are lucky enough to live in Manchester you can see a select choice of premium outdoor furniture made of Rattan at Select Furnishings to get some ideas about what is possible in the way of really good, long lasting outdoor furniture.

Not being in Manchester is no longer an impediment though. Thanks to high speed internet, anyone can shop in the Select Furnishings online showroom. Shipping anywhere in the UK is free.

And now they are offering a £100 raffle that anyone can enter – no purchase necessary!

The £100 Amazon voucher is available to anyone who enters the contest, and there is no purchase necessary. Just answer a seven question survey, and include a short paragraph describing how you think the website could be better. And don’t forget your name, email and telephone number so you can be contacted if you win!

Five minutes is all it takes, and you just might get some ideas on how to develop an outdoor area that will make you have a new appreciation of your home.

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