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Jan 21

Infographic: Is Green Motoring Practical?

Have you ever wondered which State is best equipped for green vehicles? For example, with only one biofuel station and ten electric stations in Delaware – unless you live next to one there is certainly something to consider about owning a green vehicle in the State – if you idle in traffic for too long you may need a tow! The average electric car can travel just over 60 miles before it needs to charge up again. For the most of us that’s about three days of work and errands; if we’re lucky. If you happen to live and work in a city, green vehicles can certainly work very well. However, many people can travel over sixty miles in one day…and that makes the prospect of only owning an ‘average’ green vehicle far less appealing. This infographic by examines the commercial use of green cars; is the world ready for them just yet? However if you like the idea of a green car, you could always just move to California where there are 1380 charging stations and seventy biofuel pumps; happy days! (or wait a few years for the rest of the states to catch up).

green motoring infographic

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