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Eco Friendly Home Interior Designer Tips

Interior designing helps turn a living place into effective setting for carrying out various activities. Green energy and green revolution are among the most discussed topics these days at individual and international levels.
People have really started to pay attention on how to preserve and take care of the planet we live in; the influence of all these aspects are felt in interior designing of homes also.
Designing our living spaces in a sustainable and green way is becoming an important aspect for many people. Eco-friendly interior designing enhances the beauty of the house and helps to maintain the health of the home owners, and even neighbors and visitors. Interior designing is not just confined to the aesthetic appeal of the house; it also includes the health of the residents and involves choosing materials and items in a proper manner.
eco friendly home interior designer tips

Tips for Creating a Sustainable Home Environment

  • Paints – Paints could change the look of a room within few hours. Extreme care has to be taken while you are choosing paints. This is important because traditional paints have harmful volatile organic compounds which are also known as VOC. These compounds emit toxic chemicals, so choose paints with lesser VOC. Though they might be a little expensive, quality paint ensures the good health of the inmates of a place. You can also choose non-organic and natural paints made from casein, a type of milk protein.
  • Flooring – One of the most important steps towards a green interior is to have earth-friendly floorings. The standard flooring used in most of the houses may look cozy and inviting but the truth is that they tend to trap VOC’s and harmful toxins within them and pose a great health risk, especially for infants and children. Some of the eco-friendly flooring alternatives include wooden floors, concrete floors and bamboo floors. Bamboo and cork floors serve as an excellent alternative when compared to the hardwood floors. They are made from renewable sources of energy (these plants grow at a rapid pace) and they help in making hard and strong floors.
  • Furniture – Using green furniture doesn’t always occur to our minds when we are thinking of eco-friendly interior designing. You can purchase high quality green furniture and design your living space in a sustainable way. Going for high quality reused items also serves the purpose. Low quality green products often don’t last for a long time and will end up as a space fill, and hence it is always better to purchase high quality items. Consider purchasing handcrafted furniture (like these coastal-inspired furniture pieces) from local artisans, and ask where they source their raw materials. Also, don’t overlook refurbished furniture. There are lots of amazing pieces you can find on online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.
  • Counters and Cabinets – Kitchen is the most important area in any home, designing it with green products helps you to make a noticeable difference in your interior. You can go in for wooden cabinets; this can also be made from reclaimed wood which is a low cost alternative but an effective way to utilize the resources. Counter tops can be made from items which have similar properties of corian or a granite counter tops such as crushed stone, recycled glass etc.
  • Windows Coverings – You can see considerably large savings in your electricity bill by using blinds and shutters to regulate the temperature within your home. They help to regulate the heat and the amount of light which enters the room and also offer excellent insulation against the changes in the exterior climates.
Designing and decorating homes in an environment-friendly and people-friendly manner is known as sustainable designing. Since interior designing is a way through which an individual expresses him or herself, environment friendly people want their decors and home to reflect their thoughts and feelings and they also see it as a way of respecting the environment.

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