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Best Green Careers to Consider

Companies all over the world are slowly and steadily understanding the importance of saving the planet. Which is why they’re going green in not in one, but many ways. So what do you do if you want to create a sustainable green career? In the following article we look into some of the best green careers that you can look into and how you can expand your career options…

Top 4 Green Careers to Consider

#1: Urban Planner – An urban planner works on developing urban areas by making better, more effective use of any existing resources. As an urban developer, you review “geographic information system maps” in order to predict how many city services such as fire hydrants, lampposts, etc are required.

#2: Farmer – Have you ever considered farming? If not, then maybe you should because it’s one of the most important green jobs out there. The reason being simple: sustainable agriculture works by utilizing organic methods carried out on a small scale. With the population increasing, there is a bigger need for farmers.

#3: Conservation Forester – The job of a conversation forester is to manage the natural resources in forests by protecting and organizing parks and reserves. As a conversation forester, you not only carry out surveys of regional plants and animals, but also study the level of impact of “human activity” in the forest.

#4: Solar Power Installer – Making/installing solar power systems is one of the most sought after careers today with more than 700,000 jobs worldwide. If you have good construction skills, then installing rooftop photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters is a high paying job where you can expect to earn up to $35 per hour.

Expanding Your Green Career Options

1) Study any climate related issues of your local area, as this will help you gain clear insights about growing trends for careers in your region.

2) Read energy books and do some research in order to learn about the energy industry and see how you can contribute to it.

3) Look beyond sustainability opportunities and expand your career search and include careers in resiliency and adaptation.

4) Become more familiar with the natural systems within your area in order to identify innovative solutions that will be relevant within your local built environment.

In the coming years, there will be more focus on green careers as the whole “green philosophy” becomes common around the world. If you’re looking out to create a sustainable career by helping the environment and giving back to the planet, then you need a green job. Period.

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