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Solar Powered IPhone Cases That Charge Your Phone

The world is obsessed with smartphones today, and the iPhone remains the first choice for long-time Apple lovers and recent converts alike. As more and more of these revolutionary mobile devices make their way into pockets and purses all over the world, many people are becoming increasingly concerned with protecting their phones. At the same time, increased green consciousness is leading the average consumer to be more active in lowering emissions and consumption in any way possible. The market has responded, and new technology is attempting to solve both of these problems with one elegant solution: solar powered iPhone cases.

Snow Lizard, a relatively young company that specializes in rugged technology protection for those with a penchant for adventure, has developed a case that can resolve several of your tech problems at once. The Snow Lizard Aqua Tek features a solar charger and an external battery that can extend your battery life significantly without over needing an electrical outlet. It offers unmatched protection from drops and allows your phone to function at sub-freezing temperatures. Most interesting of all, the Aqua Tek is waterproof up to 2 meters. You can drop your iPhone in the lake or take underwater pictures with this incredible device that retails for just under $130.

If Snow Lizard’s solar iPhone case has a downside, it would be that it is neither sleek nor stylish. It is a bulky hulk of a case that offers ultimate protection, but in a large package. For a more elegant case, consumers can sacrifice protection for style and convenience with the Eton Mobius NSP300B solar iPhone case. The Mobius case features a rechargeable external battery and built-in solar panel, similar to the Snow Lizard offering, but it comes in a much more stylish and refined package. It also comes at a lower pricepoint, retailing for around $80 in most stores. Every hour of sunlight charge equates to about half an hour of talk time, which can add up to a lot of extra battery life if your phone spends a lot of time in the sun.

The more hands-on crowd may even want to experiment with making their own solar powered iPhone chargers. Building a device like this on your own isn’t terribly complicated, and it can be done for a fraction of the price of these factory built offerings. Several in-depth tutorials are available online for those interested in building solar chargers from scratch. The trouble with this technique, aside from requiring intricate mechanical work, is that it is extremely difficult to incorporate a home-built solar charger into a case with any amount of style, elegance, or protective capability.

For the average consumer, Snow Lizard’s Aqua Tek case may be overkill. Unless you’re going exploring in the arctic or hiking through the Amazon rain forests, a solar case like the Mobius offering may be more suited to your needs. Home built cases offer great solar charging capability and are arguably the greenest option of all, but they offer little to no protection and require a lot of work. A solar powered case like one of these can be a great solution to two problems at once, but a coverage plan from the Protect Your Bubble gadget insurance brand is even more effective in most situations. These solar cases are great options–just remember that they can’t protect your phone from every danger.

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