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Big Corporations Scale Back on Energy Usage

These days, the environment is one of the most important subjects of public discussion. It’s become pretty apparent, over the course of the last several decades, that we’ve not really done a great job when it comes to taking great care of our planet. We’ve only got one Earth, though, and we arguably need to rely on it so that we might be able to survive. For these reasons, we’ve been quickly realizing that efforts need to be seriously stepped up into high gear when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment. We’ve all got to figure out ways that we can make out day-to-day lives more sustainable, more eco-friendly, and less impactful when it comes to the environment.

Many individuals have tried to make sure they’re doing their part, and as a result we’ve seen a great amount of innovation and creativity when it comes to figuring out how to live your life in a more sustainable way. Things like upcycling have become very popular, and the do-it-yourself culture has been embraced not only as a way to increase frugality, but sustainability as well. It’s really refreshing to see so many people making sure they can “go green” and do everything in their power to make sure they’re living their lives in a completely environmentally-friendly way.

Another great thing is that larger companies and corporations are doing their part to make sure they’re scaling back things like energy consumption and other things that have a serious impact on the planet’s well-being. We have seen all sorts of efforts made in this direction by some of the world’s biggest companies. The development of the hybrid and electric cars represents a pretty big step towards a more sustainable future, and some of the world’s largest companies and corporations are still making sure they’re doing everything they can to scale back their environmental impacts.

An organization known as the Environmental Defense Fund (or the EDF, for short) has been watching out for the planet’s best interests for some time, now. In 2008, the EDF put together a program that took aim at larger corporations. These companies are often focused on creating products and solutions that improve our lives, but typically wind up using a lot of energy and seriously impacting the environment in the process. This program was known as the Climate Corps and is still in place today. The Climate Corps helps to show companies how they can be saving money and helping the planet by consuming less energy. Larger corporations like Facebook and Google have already seriously benefitted from the efforts of the Climate Corps, and other corporations are likely to follow suit.

You can get great stories on environmentalism at a site like — these stories are showing that we really are on the way to a more sustainability-oriented future. With a little more effort, we can all be doing our part to make sure that we leave the planet in great shape.

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