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3 Best Eco-Friendly Jobs Today

As the gas prices shot up around the world in the beginning of the 21st century, we came to a startling realization: our main energy supply (fossil fuels) are not at all stable and are affected by geological and political trends. So if we want our fuel guzzling cars to run and if we want to make sure that there’s enough fuel in other needed areas, then it’s important that we focus on renewable energy.

Thanks to the government and as well as private funding, the renewable energy industry is growing fast – which means there are more eco-friendly jobs than ever. There is bright future ahead of those who want to pursue an eco-friendly job. Given below are some of the best jobs in the renewable energy sector…

#1: Solar Power Installer

With over 750,000 jobs around the world, installing efficient “solar power” systems is a popular eco-friendly jobs that we have today. Not many know but the job of installing rooftop photovoltaic cells and solar thermal water heaters pays really well ($15 to $35 per hour) for those who have construction skills.

The good thing about this job is that there are opportunities all around the United States. If you look at the stats, currently there are over 3,300 companies operating in the solar energy sector and they employee more than 30,000 workers. Predictions say that by 2016, there will be more 110,000 jobs available in this area.

#2: Wind Turbine Fabricator

There’s no doubt that wind is turning out to be the fastest growing source of alternative energy, generating over 300,000 jobs globally. Since wind turbines are 90 percent metal, they’re creating job opportunities for autoworkers and as well as other manufacturers who want to repurpose their skills.

The industry is fast growing and currently employs more than 80,000 Americans and is expected to add thousands of new jobs in the coming years. As long as you have the right qualifications and experience, looking for job opportunities is easy since many big companies are on a hiring spree in this particular area.

#3: Natural Gas Retailer

Natural gas is an odorless gas that is used for cooking/heating, making it a good alternative for electricity. A natural gas entity works on controlling the flow of the natural gas directly to the consumer. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit in you, then a starting a natural gas retailing business is a good career option.

Natural gas retailers are responsible for carrying out the product using a truck to small storage tanks that are located on your customer’s property. Since natural gas happens to be an hazardous material, the pipes and tanks that are used to hold it require well trained professionals for the purpose of installation, maintenance and yes, repair. Becoming a natural gas retailer requires you to learn the safety procedures/laws involved in transportation the product and setting up/maintenance of the storage area.

The above three career options that we discussed are not only popular, but also have a great future ahead of them given that you cultivate the right skills and have the zeal to succeed in the booming renewable energy industry.

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