Tiny Green Gardens

When it comes to going green, smaller is almost always better. With the tiny home movement, smaller apartment sizes and overall downsizing to reduce our impact on the environment we have to make sacrifices. However gardening does not have to be one of them. Almost any location can have a thriving garden. Here are some ideas for staying green, outdoor space or not:

  1. Vertical Gardens – Vertical gardens are advantageous because a wall can literally be turned into a green space. If you have a balcony or porch than you can have a vertical garden. Use gutters, recycled pallets, shelves, or even hanging pots to transform a bare wall into a garden where you can grow all your favorites. Keep the floor space and still have the garden you desire!
  2. Window Gardens – Another possibility for those who do not have an outdoor space is window gardens. Recycled containers, like yogurt cups and milk cartons, can be turned into great planters. Or go a step further and invest in window boxes. Winter, spring, summer or fall you can have plants growing in your window and soaking in the sunlight, providing you and your family with great, nutritious and organic food year round.
  3. Soilless Gardens –Some plants do not even require soil to grow. Vegetables like green onion and spouts like bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts easily grow in a cup of water. If sprouts are your thing you can even purchase a multi-tiered sprout grower and harvest to your heart’s content! These are just a few of the ways that you can have a garden no matter where you live. Take advantage of your space and grow your own food to live a healthier, greener life. Do not forget that having plants growing indoors means more oxygen for you and fewer pesticides for them!


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