Guest Post: Is blogging good or bad for the body?

There is plenty of news regarding the disadvantages of blogging. It is not the act of blogging itself but the habit of bloggers to sit for more than 8 hours in front of their computer without standing or having a decent break. Because of this habit, many of them are prone to diseases that might be life threatening. Health risks to bloggers are only visible if people abuse their body just to get the job done. In any work, even if it is not blogging, too much stress and work can lead to sickness. Deadlines and workload can be the main reason why bloggers seldom leave their chair or they sometimes forget to have a decent meal. Many of them practice eating in front of the computer with foods that are not healthy.

Because of the risks that people might encounter while blogging many specialists encourage bloggers to at least take time to have coffee breaks, a proper lunch, and even time to go to the bathroom and relieve themselves. This way, the health of bloggers will be taken cared of and their stress will be relieved especially in their arms, back, and neck. Not only that, people will reduce the risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome that is rampant for people dealing with the computer most of the time especially those who have the wrong positioning of the mouse and keyboard.

Despite these warnings regarding excessive writing and risks in blogging, research has also shown that blogs can help improve the health of most patients in the hospital and even those suffering from diseases such as AIDS and cancer. According to doctors, people feel better after releasing their thoughts and emotions through blogs. It gives them a better outlook in life and it provides a peace of mind that is crucial in their recovery. Doctors encourage patients to keep a personal blog that narrates their thoughts and experiences to help them cope with their condition. Results have shown that health of bloggers, especially patients, is more relaxed and at ease and they go out after their treatment feeling mentally and emotionally better than before. Blogging for patients is called expressive writing where they can release everything that they are feeling.

Both discoveries should be taken into consideration. Blogging is advantageous as it would help people express themselves and there are scientific researches and testimonials to back up this claim. However, excessive blogging such as those practiced by people whose occupation and salary depend on their writings should be discouraged since they might become prone to health risks to bloggers. Moderation in blogging is still the best way to get the advantages and prevent ailments bloggers might experience.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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