Universities Show Students What It Means to Be Environmentally Responsible

Environmental concerns are at the top of just about everybody’s list these days, and it’s really not tough to understand why, if one sits down to think about it. These days, the environment is in arguably the worst shape that it has ever seen. Over the course of the last several decades, we’ve definitely been able to give ourselves a lot of things in the way of technological developments and other societal advancements. Just about everyone carries around a smartphone or tablet computer these days, and gadgets of this nature are only getting to be more and more advanced. It’s amazing to think about the things we can do, but it’s also amazing to think about much we’ve fallen behind when it comes to taking good care of the environment.

What’s nice, though, is that the entire world seems to have realized this. Individuals all over the planet are doing their best to find more and more ways that they can be protecting the ecosystem. Behaviors like upcycling have become increasingly popular as more and more people are trying to figure out how they can “go green” and live their lives in more sustainable ways on a day-to-day basis.

Similarly, larger companies and corporations are also doing everything they can to make sure they’re paving the way for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. We’ve seen the development of things like the hybrid car, and now universities are making sure they set a great example and teach their students how to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

One of these schools is Bar Harbor, located in Maine. This college is very frequently featured at the top of “greenest university” lists, and has a number of programs in place to teach students all about sustainability. Similarly, students at Arizona State University have the pleasure of knowing that they attend a school where sustainability is a number one focus. ASU is relatively self-sufficient in terms of growing its own food on campus, and has an incredibly sustainable dormitory system. It’s become pretty clear that our country’s educators are concerned with the environment in a serious way.

These schools will hopefully continue to spread awareness about the environment and an interest in protecting it by setting such a great example. Even if you don’t attend one of these fine American universities, a more sustainable existence is still well within your grasp. These schools are aiming to teach that everyone can make a difference. When it comes to taking good care of the environment, you don’t need a certain kind of education to know that you have a responsibility to make sure our earth is in good shape. Whether you go to USC or attend UAB online, you can definitely do your part to make sure you’re making the world a cleaner place. One of these schools, however, will make it very, very easy to make sure you lessen your environmental impact.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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