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The Herbal Medicines to Cure Head Injuries

Head injuries can really be an alarming condition especially if immediate medical attention is not on hand. Good thing, there are researches about the effectiveness of the use of some herbal medicines in addressing head injuries and preventing any further complication. These natural remedies do not only address the physical suffering of the patient, but their emotional sufferings as well.


Also known as mountain daisy, this plant is herbaceous specie from the sunflower family. This an effective remedy in dealing with the trauma and shock of the injury and to prevent any long term effects of it. Although people who experienced head injury and still think that there is unlikely any problem in the future, it is still advised to take this remedy as they are not really sure of the extent of the injury. Aside from preventing complications, it also helps in reducing the swelling and bruising.


Hellaborous or winter rose is ideal for those who experienced mental dullness and speech impairment after suffering from severe head blow. Some people may even have a blank stare on the air and be indifferent to his surroundings after an accident which cause trauma to the head happened. Those who have slow response on questions from others and experiencing difficulty in understanding other people and communicating his thought to them will surely benefit from this remedy.

Atropa Belladonna

This is also known as deadly nightshade. This plant is very effective in reducing feeling of heat, fullness, and throbbing in the head after the shock of the accident. This can also be applied on swollen area to reduce the swelling and the redness. It can also be given to people who became frantic or delirious after the trauma so that the tendency to strike anyone around them will be avoided.


This is also known as water hemlock and is to be given to people who have seizure after being exposed to head trauma. If the injury will lead to mental retardation, this remedy can help in not exacerbating the condition.

St. John’s Wort

Commonly called as hypericum, this is the remedy to be used when the patient feels shooting and sharp pain on the affected areas. This is also effective in addressing seizures and spasms which results from the trauma.

Natrum sulphuricum

If after the injury the victim still suffers from long term symptoms even if the symptoms are not directly experience in the head, this can be a good remedy. People who are suffered head trauma have the tendency to be confused and irritable. This remedy is also given to those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts after his accident.

Proper Use of Herbal Medicine

These herbal medicines are effective in combating further complication which can be brought by head injury. This must be properly administered in order to get the best result. This recommended dosage is 6, 12, 30th potency after every other hour on day the injury happened. The following day, it can be taken 4 times. It there will be no improvement, considering other options is highly advised.

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