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5 Great Gift Ideas for An Eco Friendly Baby Shower

When you’re getting ready to go to a baby shower, you might have a lot of things to think about. If you’re trying to organize something like this, you have definitely got a lot on your plate. Even if you’re just attending, though, it can be tough to find the time that’s often required to come up with that perfect gift. These days, everybody’s got something to worry about, and the environment is one of them. Our eco system is not in the best shape, and if you’re thinking about bringing a baby into the world, this can be a scary thought. For exactly this reason, giving eco-friendly baby shower gifts is an incredibly smart idea. Everybody is looking for ways that they can go green and do their part to create a more sustainable culture. Of course, a big part of this involves teaching children how to be eco-friendly and live sustainable lives. Why not start teaching them as soon as they’re born? With these awesome and environmentally-friendly baby shower gift ideas, you can help a new mother do exactly that.

1. All-Natural Teethers. Teething is an important part of any young baby’s life. Something to chew on is always a good thing for a little one to have, but many mothers have reservations about giving their infant some kind of plastic teether with a jelly-like substance inside. If you want to go the natural route, you can get teethers that are sustainably made from natural wood, with an organic coating that’s really good for your baby’s developing teeth.

2. Organically-Made Booties and Clothes. Clothes that are made with organic practices and using all organic materials are always going to be extremely comfy for your new baby’s delicate and soft skin. There are a ton of ways that you can make sure your little one has an eco-friendly wardrobe. If you’re going to a baby shower sometime soon, think about looking at some organically-made booties and clothes.

3. Certified Organic Blankets. Babies love blankets, and if you can get one that’s made with certified organic materials, you’ll be able to do a lot for the environment and for your friend’s baby at the very same time. These blankets are typically hyopallergenic and will create a peaceful and healthy atmosphere while your friend’s new baby sleeps.

4. Organic Cotton Baby Wipes. Little ones have delicate baby skin, but they’re also pretty messy. We have to wipe various things off babies from time to time, and having a soft, organic cotton wipe with which to do it can be a really nice thing. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on something like Familycord to make sure your baby’s life is off to a healthy and natural start.

5. Eco-Friendly Bath Mitt. Every baby needs a good bath, but they have pretty soft skin. For this reason, a special mitt is always a good thing to have when you’re trying to give that infant a bath. You can find all sorts of bath mitts in most stores, but if you can find an organically-made one, you’ll be able to make sure you’re giving your baby a soothing bath.

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