10 Ways to Reuse Your Eggshells

When it comes to eggshells we usually just toss them out in the trash. However there are many useful things that eggshells can be used for. Stay green and try these ten interesting ways to reuse your eggshells:


  1. Feed the birds – Eggshells are high in calcium and help birds to form good, strong eggs. You can crush up eggshells and mix it in with birdseed or create your own suet blocks for the birds in winter. Make sure their eggs can stand up against prowling cats and other predators and have more happy, chirpy friends in your garden. Make sure you sanitize the eggs before you give them to the birds to reduce the chances of cross infections.
  2. Feed the dogs – Crushed eggshells make a great natural calcium supplement for your dog. Crush or grind them and sprinkle on the dog’s food for healthy, strong bones and teeth. Make sure you sanitize the eggs.
  3. Clean your garbage disposal – Toss those eggshells down the disposal and let it go to work grinding away. The shells clean off any gunk on the blades and also scrape down the sides of your pipes, helping to reduce the chance of clogged drains.
  4. Clean your tea or coffee pot – Crush your eggshells and mix with water and a little dish soap and let it sit in the coffee or tea pot overnight. In the morning your pot should be nice and clean again.
  5. Compost – Duh! What could be easier than tossing your eggshells into the compost heap and letting them work as a natural fertilizer?
  6. Slug free – Sprinkle crushed eggshells around your plants to ward off slugs. They do not like to crawl over the sharp shells and eggshells don’t damage your plants like salt can.
  7. Vegetable planting –When planting fruits or vegetables try dropping in some egg shells first. The shells can help ward off rot and help your plants to grow stronger naturally.
  8. Improve coffee –I do not like coffee so I have never tried it, but some people swear that putting boiled eggshells in your coffee grounds helps decrease the bitterness. Well, it is worth a shot.
  9. Fertilize –An easy way to fertilize your houseplants is by soaking eggshells in water for three to four days and then using it to water your plants.
  10. Seed starter –Want a bio friendly seed pot? Try an eggshell. Just rinse and fill with dirt. Once the seeds are ready to plant, crush the shell lightly and plant the whole thing. You won’t disturb the seedling roots and the shell will easily compost.

These are just a few of the ways you can reuse your eggshells. Do not waste any more of them in the trash. Instead make the most of your eggs and use every part!


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