5 Ways to Conserve Water and Energy Throughout Your Home

Conserving energy at home is a major concern for many people all over the world. Our daily lives are fueled by resources that become more scarce by the day, and energy costs are always on the rise. Taking steps to save energy and water at home will help you live a more eco-friendly life while cutting your monthly bills significantly. The benefits of energy conservation are undeniable, and there are many ways to start being more conscious of your resources at home.


  1. Invest in Energy Star Appliances
    Household appliances use huge amounts of water and electricity. Advanced technology has led to more energy efficient appliances that should be within reach for any budget-conscious household. Look for appliances with the Energy Star label, as these are proven to meet and exceed standards for energy efficiency. If you’re replacing your refrigerator, washing machine, or any other appliances, invest in Energy Star to reap the benefits of energy conservation in your home.
  2. Collect Rain Water
    Innumerable gallons of water are wasted every day in backyards and lawns all over the world. Gardening and landscaping at home are great ways to bring a bit of nature home with you, but the cost of watering your lawn and garden can be very high. Every drop of water that comes through your pipes needs to be treated and processed, which amounts to a huge energy cost. Collecting rain water is a great way to offset your water usage. Install a rain barrel in your yard to collect the water nature gives you, and stop wasting the water that you pay for on your monthly utility bills.
  3. Install Low Flow Faucets
    The amount of water that passes through your faucets and goes straight down the drain would boggle your mind if you could measure it. Cut down on your water waste indoors by outfitting your kitchen and bathrooms with low flow faucets. Many modern fittings can aerate water as it passes through the faucet, allowing you to maintain high water pressure for showers and dish washing without the substantial waste of water. Install low flow faucets to effortlessly conserve water for years to come.
  4. Use Energy Saving Power Strips
    Your electronics use power even when you’re not actively using them. Leaving your computer, entertainment system, and other electronics plugged in overnight when they’re not being used can amount to a surprisingly high level of energy waste. To eliminate this waste of energy from your household, use energy saving power strips to manage the flow of electricity to your electronics. Cut the flow of power to you electronics when they’re not in use using these modern power strips and eliminate phantom power leeching.
  5. Insulate Your Home
    Insulating your home will help you save huge amounts of energy every year. Whether your home is in San Diego or Cherry Hill heating cooling and insulation should be at the forefront of your energy conservation plan. A project as simple as insulating your attic can lead to huge energy savings in the winter when heating becomes necessary. To keep your indoor climate controlled without wasting energy every month, invest in quality insulation for your home and get rid of those annoying drafts.
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