3 DIY Tips to Paradise

For some of you, a flat roof can seem like a huge waste of space: if you’re in a temperate climate with minimal storms and have the space, use it! However, if you’re in a less-than ideal climate, a rooftop garden may not be the best option.

Ideally, rooftop oases are found in urban areas with temperate climates, and the rooftop is already flat. There’s minimal construction required to bring a little piece of paradise to your home. If your location isn’t ideal, steal some of these ideas for your balcony or patio: no one will know.


  • Bring In Green: A little pop of color will do wonders for any oasis, whether it’s out your back door or overlooking an urban jungle. Select low-maintenance plants based on your climate, so you don’t have to worry about how much light or water they will get. Put some fake palm trees up and your space will instantly feel more like a tropical getaway, which will help you forget that it’s only Tuesday.


  • Cool Colors: Choose furniture in cool colors that will help play up the paradise theme. As an added bonus, if you forget and leave your throw pillows out in the sun, they’re less likely to look as damaged as brighter colors would. Load up on light blues, pinks, and yellows: it will really bring out the summer feel all year long.


  • H2O: Water, in whatever way you can get it, will significantly improve your space. Larger areas may be able to accommodate for a small hot tub or fountain; for smaller spaces, think about small table-fountains or vases. Wind chimes may be another great idea: they’ll have you forgetting about your urban area in no time.


No matter the size of the space, or whether it’s on top of your roof or outside your back door, these three easy tips will help it feel more like a getaway.


Gina Jennings works with Majestic Roofing Oklahoma, one of the leading roofing specialists in the state.

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