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The Environmental Benefits Of Paperless Marketing

We live in a world that has, unfortunately, been ravaged by the ecological carelessness of generations of people. Pollution has created holes in the O-Zone layer. Deforestation has destroyed many rainforests, leaving scores of animals without their natural habitat, leading to low wildlife populations and extinction. Hydraulic fracturing is poisoning the American water system and causing dangerous natural gas leaks which have triggered severe health issues in those exposed. Fortunately, the levels of global ecological consciousness are rising, and an attempt to bring a paperless world to fruition is being made. The use of paper for unnecessary advertisements and other printings destroys trees. The advertisements are often thrown away, or are not able to be reused because of the ink and chemicals they are treated with. For this reason, paperless marketing is much better for the planet than printed marketing.

Paperless marketing is done on the Internet, and can involve any of a variety of different advertising methods. Using a banner ad on a website to advertise a product, good or service is an example of paperless marketing. Small click through ads on websites also function in this way. Some companies choose to do paperless marketing through mass emails, reaching a large amount of consumers at once. Others work with major websites like CNN, Google and YouTube to strike advertising deals which grant them a high degree of visibility. Given that print media is losing popularity while online media is extremely popular and frequently viewed, paperless marketing is often more profitable for companies in the long run than print marketing anyway.

One aspect of paperless marketing that consumers tend to like is the fact that many marketing emails and advertisements offer one time discounts on online orders. This encourages the consumer to place an order that they might not have otherwise. If they had received the coupon in the mail, they might not have bothered to go to the store, but having received it online, they can place an order from the comfort of their home, suddenly making the discount worth taking advantage of.

In addition to being ecologically friendly, paperless marketing benefits companies because it is far less expensive than print marketing. Paperless marketing cannot simply be crumpled up and thrown away; it is an omnipresent advertising campaign that gains visibility by popping up frequently on websites and in emails. It works in part by subconsciously implanting the name of a company or brand in the mind of a web user. When they reflect on their Internet experience later, they may remember the name of the company that was advertising if they need or want the product or service being offered by that company.

Paperless marketing is also advantageous for smaller local companies because it allows them to reach a larger demographic. People from all over the world can see their advertisements and subsequently their website, potentially leading to interest and orders from many different places that their business would not have reached otherwise. When a larger demographic is reached, word about a business begins to spread quickly through social media. If three people post about a business they find interesting, and each of those people have three friends who also post about that business, the chain will continue and paperless marketing will continue to make money for the company.


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