Green Bathroom Remodeling: Making A Difference To The Environment

Some efforts and love for the environment have compelled people to implement some cutting-edge ways to go green. They are choosing    lifestyles that allow them to live a more natural life. One such way is giving a green makeover to houses. Going green with the house is the best eco-friendly practice one can ever follow because it surely results in improved comfort, better air quality and the best one, lower utility bills. Water leakage and overflowing utility bills often corresponds to unhealthy lifestyles that affect our environment and the health as well. Thankfully the advent of green home remodeling has given rise to many eco-responsible products. The most critical part of your house is your bathroom, as it affects our fragile planet and pockets the most.

Remodeling a bathroom includes many different things like plumbing, insulation and electricity. Here are a few things you need to know while remodeling the bathroom:

  • Cost of the project: Eco-construction or remodeling is often thought of as a highly expensive remodel. It may prove correct in the beginning but for the rest of your life you’ll thank yourself for this. This is because green bathroom remodeling guarantees large energy saving over the life of the remodel. So, this way it proves to be less expensive over the time. Besides offering lower utility bills green bathroom remodeling promises you a healthier environment for you and your family. Set a realistic budget for the project so that you don’t panic by the end of the product.
  • Reduce water usage: The green remodeling of bathroom is mostly about reducing the amount of water you use.  So keep these things in mind before you actually start the project of remodeling:
  • Installing low flow showerheads and faucets: This will reduce the amount of water usage by almost 50 percent.
  • Installing radiant heating and low flush toilets:  Traditional toilets use at least 6 gallons of water per flush which is not the case with low flush toilets. They use less water as compared to traditional toilets. Incorporating radiant heat system in your bathroom proves to be more efficient and healthier.
  • Insulate the bathroom: This is the most common feature because if you are going for bathroom remodeling you are likely to insulate the entire house, which covers the bathroom as well.
  • Consider using tank less water heaters:  It heats the water only when it is requires which obviously avoids unnecessary heating of water and heat loss that occurs.
  • Floors: For a green bathroom remodel, only the use of water resistant flooring is recommended. Do not use wallpapers and carpets because they harbor moisture and foster mould growth. Both of these are unhealthy for your family. For flooring consider natural linoleum and ceramic tiles. This can depend upon the time and budget you have set for the remodel.
  • The Walls: As walls also take up most of the moisture, it is the most important part to replace them. Use material that is water resistant and mould resistant. Make use of eco- friendly paints and backer boards.


By going green you can conserve more energy and will put more money back into your pockets. Such small steps and cleaner lifestyles will for sure lead to safety and conservation of our world.


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