Green Tips for Car Rental Companies

Whether it is for traveling for pleasure or business, many eco-friendly individuals are now opting to leave their gas guzzling SUVs and opt for something more affable to the environment. The answer of the car rental industries to this growing demand is to come up with more vehicles that are fuel efficient. For those companies that would want to further improve in this green field can also perform more green enhancements like adding hybrid and even cars that are flex fueled. Green vehicles make use of lesser amount of fuel which means that they will be producing lesser emission of greenhouse gases.


Environmental friendly vehicles such as smaller models bio-diesel and flex fuel compatible are growing in popularity around the globe. This rising popularity is for so many good reasons. These kinds of cars are the best alternative to the conventional ones because of the significant benefits it can bring to the environment. When the rented hybrid vehicles are accelerated, it will be running on an electric motor that is battery charged and not gasoline. This significantly curtails those tail pipe emissions which are one major culprit of global warming. This kind of car has the capability of reducing pollution in the air by up to 90 percent.


The source and the cost of petroleum products have always been a major concern worldwide. Hybrid car is believed to have an excellent fuel economy because of its outstanding aerodynamic design, which results in reduced wind resistance. It also comes with very lightweight engines and many other features that are fuel efficient. This can be very advantageous for those renters who want to drive on extended distance.


When the rented hybrid vehicles are on a standstill, the engine will automatically shut off and the car will be running on electricity. A standard car on idle mode for about two minutes can consume as much of gas that is needed for driving one mile. This would be too much waste of valuable resources in addition to the huge contribution to smog. With green cars, you can save huge amount of money than one could ever imagine.


Green cars for rent will release significantly lesser harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. When there is lesser emission of these gases, there will also be lesser risk of health problems in the general population. These gases can cause major health problems to those people who are exposed to it. These pollutants have negative effects on the cardiopulmonary and respiratory systems. If there will be too much exposure, it can lead to lung cancer and even death. By using eco friendly rented cars, a healthier environment is created.


Governments are also helping in the pursuit of promoting the use of rented green cars. They usually offer tax relief on cars with lesser carbon dioxide emissions. This is a program designed to encourage many road travelers to switch to the use of green rented cars. For car rental companies, eco friendly car is truly great investment for the business.


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