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Mar 07

5 Ways of Protecting Nature

It’s already past high time to do your share for environment. Our planet is indeed gasping for breath at present. So start with simple things that can make a big difference. We must remember that nature has its own destructive ways of getting back at us. We have all experienced unfavourable and life- taking natural calamities across the globe, like acid rain, flash floods, drought, torrential storms, hurricanes, Tsunami, and other forms of natural catastrophes.

ways of protecting nature

Here are some small and simple ways you can save nature:

  1. Walk more, drive less: Choose to walk short distances instead of taking out your car every time. Walk down to the gym, office (if it’s near), run errands (literally), etc. Or better still- use a bicycle. Besides saving nature, both walking and cycling are good forms of exercises. And each time you keep away from using you car, you contribute to reduce air pollution. Moreover, you consume less oil, preserving one of the greatest and most important natural resource. You also save money.
  2. Change your driving style: Do not drive in low gear as it consumes more fuel. On the same line, accelerating and applying brake too often consumer more fuel. Turn the ignition off when you halt at signals. Try taking the shortest route to your destination as it will consume less fuel and cause less pollution. Share cars whenever possible. 5 people going to the same place at the same time but in 5 different cars is a great waste of fuel. So popularize the concept of car pool. Don’t honk unnecessarily as that adds up to noise pollution.
  3. Cut off CFC: CFCs contribute to greenhouse effect and ozone depletion. They are released from air conditioning systems, aerosol sprays, and refrigerators. Some cosmetic products also contain CFCs. Many countries have already the banned the use of CFCs and it’s time you should too. Using CFC products is the simplest way you can prevent the harm they cause to environment.
  4. Change habits: Some simple habits in the workplace can help you contribute towards saving the environment. Print when it is absolutely necessary. Printing unnecessarily leads to wastage of paper, ink and power. Practice using email for correspondence rather than prints. When leaving for the day, turn your computer off. Switch off the computer screen when you are away for breaks, trainings, or meetings. Switch off lights when everyone leaves office. Avoid over- use of air conditioners. Avoid using disposable cups and plates when you have the option for using ceramic.
  5. Recycle and reuse: Buy recyclable paper and sustainable products to protect forest species. Recycle your cell phones as well. Reuse all things that can be fixed or repaired. Collect books, used papers, old newspapers, magazines, bottles and any other things that you could sell to the junkyard. There’s money you can earn doing this, while doing your part for nature. You can recycle metals, like copper, silver, aluminum, etc. Scrap wire recycling is also a good way to recycle metals.


Author’s Bio: Adam Wilson is a renowned author. He has written many articles on different ways to save nature and this article is one among them.


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  1. luiza

    Great ideas!!! The world’s forests are in danger. We have to protect them. The forests are very important and are the home of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, trees, flowers, fish… It´s very important that we develop ways to preserve our planet, as we reduce exaggerad consumption, reusing objects that go to waste.

  2. Silvio Ferreira

    Congratulations for the post!

    We need to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment, because only then our planet will have a chance.

    When mother nature decides to respond to the actions of man ends up being too fierce, and in the end we are always lost the battle.

    I think we have to realize what is happening, but we do nothing because we are always busy. However I also believe that small actions can have a big impact, and the things you showed us we can perfectly help our planet.

    Thanks for the tips and post more if you have any.


  3. Himani Sharma

    This is a nice article. There is so much you have mentioned where so much can be learned. Thanks for the information!!!

  4. Abhilasha Sharma

    That’s a great post . It will definitely help me. I would love you to read this 🙂

  5. Elli

    I applaud the author for coming up ways on how to protect the nature. It’s a great help for us millenials that
    we can simply search things on the internet and find significant articles like this. It will encourage us young
    ones to join the fight for our beloved Earth. It reminds me of the ripple effect wherein “One small change can
    have an enormous effect.” I will always remember these ways and will share them to my peers.

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