Latin America Tours for the Single Traveller

Single people don’t have to forgo holidays for lack of a travelling buddy. Head for the Latin American countries for a fantastic holiday experience that will have you making new friends whilst you experience a completely different way of life.

Where Exactly Is Latin America?
You won’t find the words on any map, but Latin America is the name for the countries of North, Central and South America which have Spanish, Portuguese or French as their main language. The cuisine can be fiery and so can the people who are renowned for wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Amongst people known for their passionate natures, this translates as a great love of and enthusiasm for life in general and music and dance in particular.

Why Is It So Great For Singles?
For a group of single travellers, breaking the ice and getting to know each other can take a fair amount of time. On a two-week holiday it can take at least a week to start breaking down barriers and revealing true personalities. Where Latin America tours for singles win out over other destinations is in the instant camaraderie that being in this part of the world seems to promote.

With strong cultural links to Europe, Latin America is familiar enough to relax into, whilst having enough cultural differences to stimulate the senses. Caribbean influences filter through to most of the nearby regions, with enough diversity to ensure that Latin America tours for singles can encompass a huge range of terrains and holiday types, from beach, to forest, to mountains. Whether you are a natural explorer, a party animal, an adrenaline junkie or a beach bunny you will find a holiday option to suit your tastes.

Have Fun With New Friends
Whether you fancy a holiday experience based around Caribbean beaches or prefer a serious trek to take in some of the best national parks in Costa Rica, you can guarantee that other holidaymakers sharing this experience are as intrigued, beguiled, excited and nervous as you are. Travelling together and making use of local transport to get from place to place will quickly have everyone chatting and making new friends. You will soon find that you are immersing yourself in a fully comprehensive cultural experience that will soon have you laughing and bonding with each other as you share the adventures together.

Maybe you will form new friendships based around a shared interest in ancient Mayan civilizations, or perhaps you will bond over sunset cocktails as you mull over the day’s events. One thing is for certain, once you have visited this exciting and vibrant part of the world, you will be hankering to return again and again. Fortunately for you, Latin America tours for singles encompass so many different countries and types of holiday that you will always be able to find something new to try out on your next trip.


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Karen Hunter writes regularly on travel for a range of holiday and lifestyle websites and blogs. Karen caught the travel bug during her gap year and heads abroad as often as she can. In the pursuit of research, Karen has tried out a few adventure holidays for singles and can heartily recommend them as an excellent way of making new friends.

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