Why You Should Visit Vancouver to Spend Holidays?

Named best city of the Americas, a top 100 world destination, world’s most livable city and ranked among the top 10 family destinations in Canada, Vancouver has won pretty much every award in the travel world. After all where else can you experience a mixture of great food, natural beauty and vibrant culture sandwiched between snowcapped mountains and Pacific Ocean. Renowned to be a destination that balances the thrill of outstanding outdoor adventures and enticing history with modern amenities of a world class city, there is not one but a billion reasons why you should be spending your next vacation in the magical world of Vancouver.

With this exciting resume, you must be thinking of the financial requirements you need to possess to qualify for a vacation in Vancouver. Well that is the best part about this spectacular city, it offers all this fun at a moderate budget, all it asks of you is some planning. With all the travel companies looking to cash in on the beauty of Vancouver, you can easily get Last Minute Flights by to the destination saving you enough mint to splurge on your loved one, after all who doesn’t like that extra cushion of cash. Seems like you have already thought about packing your bags for Vancouver, so here is a list of some of the reasons why Vancouver must be on your go-to list.

  • Outdoor Recreation: Enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the beautiful and challenging terrains of Grouse Mountain and don’t miss surfing on the majestic waters of Kitsilano Beach. Rated one of the best snow destinations in North America and decorated with some beautiful beaches, Vancouver offers adrenaline rush on both land and sea.
  • Addictive Arts Scene: Whether it’s appreciating rare art pieces of renowned British Columbia artist Emily Carr in Vancouver Art Gallery or watching rare anthropology and ethnographic materials in Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver’s art scene is addictive and enchanting. Don’t miss magical theatre productions in Orpheum Theatre.
  • Mesmerizing Marine Life: Dive into the mesmerizing world of rare marine life and get up close with sea horses, jelly fish, sharks, whales and many more species at the famous Vancouver Aquarium. Travelers will surely enjoy exploring the mystical world of sharks and sting rays.

So brace yourself for a revitalizing vacation in Vancouver and get ready for a memorable extravaganza that will surely drive you crazy with it’s appeal.


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