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Project Piola is an opportunity to set up the first development project to create elegant footwear in 33 days for 33 rubber producers.

Project Piola started from scratch through a random encounter in the Amazon Rainforest. After a long ride thinking about product, design, supply chain and partnerships in particular with a UN Organization we are now ready to make this huge project happen.

You can support Project Piola by going to their Kickstarter page here:


Project Piola in 3 points:

1. Our development project is framed by the UN (US-AID) and the WWF. We pay wild rubber and organic cotton producers in Peru between 3 to 5 times the prices of normal price. Bonus directly used for saving accounts or productive tools.

2. We surround ourselves with the best French designers to create unique and avant-garde products.

3.Receiving your pair, we need you to reinvest $5.20 included in the purchasing price to finance 33 independent workshops required to transform latex to rubber at the entrance of the Amazon Rainforest. Thanks to you they will get an efficient productive infrastructure to be independent and get new markets!

Project Piola’s goals:

1. We need at least 60,000 dollars to make the project happens as our partner in charge of the assembly needs minimal quantities to launch production.

2. The budget of the 33 workshops for our rubber producers is exactly $101,205. We basically need 19463 backers reinvesting $5.20 each to get this done and we hope you will be pleased to be part of this huge project!


You can support Project Piola by going to their Kickstarter page here:

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